AAP: Lack of Tact, Acumen and Expertise

When Rajiv Gandhi was anointed Prime Minister of India in end 1984, with not much experience in state craft but being a modern and honest person wanting to change the system of government, he collected around him his friends from private sector, Doon school and others. He also talked about cleansing the system in his famous AICC Session speech in Bombay. It soon proved that India was not easy to govern with its diversities, its vested interests and with lack of political acumen and political experience of the people surrounding him. I think the editor of seminar had called the system ‘baba log’ government.

The AAP party has almost no one with enough experience beyond how to organize political party and elections in the city Republic of Delhi, where they have done well in assembly elections because of general public revulsion against the current political parties, including BJP. The BJP was hoping to easily get into power, but its dream has been brought to a halt by the performance of AAP party in Delhi and future plans. So you see BJP spokesmen and women, on India's corporate channels, which were till early December last year, hoping to become ministers or get positions of power, now looking very frustrated and unhappy. BJP has collected a large number of passionate speakers.

Apart from a statement without info by its legal expert Prashant Bhushan, on the question of referendum in JK, one after another statements are based on euphoria, like Kejriwal becoming the Prime Minister of India. One Kumar Vishwash, to fight against Congress Shehzada, even said something against the historic martyrdom of Shia Imam Hussein. Coming to power too soon has gone to the heads of these youngsters with little political wisdom or experience. They believed that they will become the conqueror of the world. It was only a matter of time.

Unless they get hold of some experienced professional and political personalities who have fought against corruption and have long governing experience, even in Delhi government, very soon, they will have problems. It appears that for the moment Congress party is quite happy that AAP is providing a focus and in urbanized areas and damage the prospects of Modi becoming the Prime Minister of India.

Congress hopes that with AAP party and other secular parties, a secular coalition government could be knitted. And what experience Modi has? All his life he has been a preacher and can talk. Naturally he will not talk about Hindu Animus against Muslims. He talks about the development in Gujarat, where he granted lakhs of cores of rupees as subsidy to all the corporate houses, so they are singing praises about his model of development. Some of BJP's followers, especially in USA are using modern techniques of promoting Modi by sending messages to anyone, even on Internet. I regularly receive such stupid messages every day. They are using the tricks which the Americans used to dethrone rulers in former communist countries like Serbia, Georgia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan by street revolutions and use of propaganda techniques. To usher in pro-US neo-liberal regimes against people’s interests.

I am convinced that Modi will be a disaster for this country. Fortunately, he is not likely to become one. He is not coming alone but with BJP’s divisive and corrosive philosophy. He cannot be a dictator as in Gujarat. His camp includes all corrupt people, including Yedurappa.

I am not much sanguine about the success of AAP party, beyond Delhi. We should prepare to face a multi-divided Parliament after the elections and chaos in the country. I hope I am proved wrong.

The AAP leaders, who are quite ignorant about foreign affairs, should not make any statements on Jammu and Kashmir problem. It is a very complex and delicate problem with international dimensions. The Kashmiris whether ruling or in opposition try to leverage their threat to go to the other side and make things difficult for the government of India.


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Comment Mr Gajendra Singh is like the parent, who in a fight among children, will always finds fault in other children and blindly protect theirs. So Modiji has no experience and he is running Gujarat Ram Bharose and Gujaratis have been foolishly re-electing him?....

25-Feb-2014 00:21 AM

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