Ayurvedic Management of Bronchial Asthama


Due to urbanisation prevalence of Tamakshwas (Brochial Asthma) increased. In modern medical science (Allopathy) to treat the Bronchial Asthma generally antihistamine (Antiallergic). Broncodilator, Mucolytic, steroid used in day to day practice. If necessary antibiotics given. This treatment is very useful in Acute conditions. Another type of treatment is practiced by doing Allergen desesitifisation after allergy sensitivity test. But this method is controversial. Patient require to take allopathy medicine for long term to prevent attack. It has a certain side effects. There are complications like capital, Broncniectasis in 5th, 6th decade of life in these patients.

According to Ayurveda Tamakshwas is Amashayodabhav and signs and symptoms are produced in respiratory tract. Mahasrotas is Mulsthan of Pranvahasrotasa. That’s why the drugs acting on Mahasrotas, are useful. Treatment of Mahasrotas ultimately act positively on Tamakshwas. In Tamakshwas there is sthanvaigunya in Pranvahasrotas. It may be due to hereditary or Mithya-Ahar-vihar, Tamakshwas is vatkaphapradhan disease. To treat the patient, one should think about Khaphapradhanta, Vatapradhanta, Vegavastha, Avegavastha, Rugnabala etc.

In samprapti of Tamakshwas vatadosha is predominant than kapha. Treatment of vatadosha is Brihan, In these patients Brihan Atiyog is easy to treat but Karshan Atiyog is difficult and may complicate the situation.

In vegavastha Ushna, vatanuloman treatment is useful, If patient is young, strong and Kaphapradhan Shwas then give Bhahyabhyantar shehan and swedan, Afterwards do vaman, virchan etc. Except snebbasti we can give any shodhan Chikitsa. Hot fomentation drinking hot water is useful. Yashti kwath + Til Tel or Yashti kwath + Narayan Tel should be given every 10-15 to minutes to subside attack. Do not use Rakshswed in tamakshwas.

In Avegavastha sampraptibhang, Athanvalgunyanashak treatment should be given. In vasant Ritu vaman and in sharad Ritu virechan should be given. After shodhan Rusayan, shanvasgunynashak treatment should be given.

This treatment reduce the frequency of attack, improve quality of life of patients. If such type of treatment taken regularly for 5-6 yrs. patient may cure completely.
Article written under the guidance of Vaidya Geeta Parulkar, MD, PhD,  Associate Professor, Kayachikitsa Vibhag, R.A. Podar Medical College,  Worli, Mumbai.  


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Comment From an e-mail message I received recently: " (…) suffocating breathing trouble haunted me throughout the month and I could not find a solution until yesterday. An Aurvedic medicine suggested by a Mr. Patil from South India worked like magic to stop my suffocation. The medicine is known as 'Sameer Pannag Ros', which is basically some kind of rock salt to take with ginger juice or honey. I finally got rid of my short breathing ailments."

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31-Jan-2014 04:39 AM

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