Beware, AAP!

Many stalwarts are now joining AAP mostly attraacted by the success of the party in Delhi elections. Some are leftists; some are feminism champions;some are dalit emancipation oriented; some others interested in their own agenda. The divisions being practiced by these stalwarts in their earlier incarnations as gender activists, dalit champions, leftist ideologues will be brought as baggage into AAP. We are already stressed and strained by these sectarian leaders in dividing the nation and these are unable and incapable of treating all Indians equally burdened by their plank of social justice which is more selfishly and selectively preached.  The "age-old" and regressive social justice and gender emancipation elements should not enter AAP. Mr.

Yogendra Yadav and such leftists and social justice champions in AAP too must think again. Else anther AAP will come to oust present AAP. AAP will not succeed where left parties failed in India.This is a counsel to include all section of Indians in national reconstruction including forward castes who have been marginalized by the majority social justice champions.  Let us see how far AAP will be pragmatic in this regard.

AAP must be aware of these self-professed activists and ideologies, brought from outside or present inside AAP. AAP be beware of them because they want to burden the leadership with their defeatist baggage. Unless AAP is strict with these already "famous" activists and ideologies, the egos of the activists will negatively affect AAP. All organizations and parties must work for the welfare of all Indians and not in a sectarian and selective way. Else AAP ends up as a conglomeration of all fancy isms which failed to enthuse Indian voters and these isms will want to ride on the back of AAP, prioritizing their personal affiliations and agenda completely defeating the all-inclusive spirit of AAP.

All public and private individuals and concernned must work for the well-being of all Indians and not merely for the welfare of certain sections and genders in the name of social justice. Social justice is a complex justice which should be debated for bringing justice to all Indians.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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