Effect of Bilvapatra (Aegle Marmelous)

in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.


DIABETES results when the body makes too little insulin or does not use insulin properly, allowing sugar levels to build up in the blood stream. The free radicals are one of the important etiological factors for the development of diabetes and its complications. Antioxidants capable of protecting against the damage induced by free radicals & it also have a role in reducing the effects of diabetes.

There are many herbal medicinal plants like Babul, Bilva , Davana, Neeam, Jambu etc with proven  antidiabetic & related beneficial effects.

Aim - To study the effect  Bilvapatra (Leaves extract  of aegle marmelos) in type 2 DM


TYPE OF STUDY: Open randomized uncontrolled clinical trial
No. of  patients : 30.     
Study  centre: OPD of the institute.
Drug: Bilvapatra leaves extract.
Duration of treatment- 12 weeks. 
Inclusion criteria
Patients having signs and symptoms of type 2 Diabetes mellitus.

Pts having fasting BSL between 126-220 &  post prandial between 200-400 were taken for the study. Patients were examine before & after clinically & pathologically.

Investigations: Haemogram, BSL fasting & PP, LFT, RFT,Lipid profile ,HbA1c and Urine –R & M were done before & after.


  • Mean BSL fasting B.T was 154.6 with sd 22.10.while  Mean BSL fasting A.T.was 132.6 with sd of 23.53 with mean diff.of 22.56 & sd 4.225.

  • MEAN BSL PP B.T.Was 234.4 sd 35.804 while Mean BSL post prandial A.T. was 205.5 with Sd 38.62.

  • Mean HbA1c B.T. was 8.08 with Sd 1.052 while Mean HbA1c A.T. was 7.45 with Sd 0.902 .

  • Mean Urine Sugar B.T. was 1.53 with Sd 0.8193 while Mean Urine sugar A.T. was 0.56 with Sd 0.6261.

All above parameters were statistically found significant with paired “t”-test.The average symptomatic relief was 64.40 %.

Bilvapatra  can be used as an Adjuvant therapy in type 2 DM.


More by :  Dr. Prashant Budhwat

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Comment My fasting diabetes is 105 and after lunch 216 how many billiptra used for make juise.

24-Jul-2020 05:01 AM

Comment I am type 2 daibetic 38 age ia m heating inogla m 500 tab and bilva ptra and neem and tulasi mixed and heating and be benifita please

Basavaiah M
10-May-2020 09:00 AM

Comment I want to use of bili patra for bp and diabitis our bp is 105\100. Kindly advice me for starting bili patra pan in nos of every day and how much time resulted for better effect of bp and diabitis.

Mahesh nagar
24-Sep-2018 20:26 PM

Comment I have diabities level 140 and Bp 105\100. Kindly advice for bili patra effectiness and what time is given for normal situation

Mahesh nagar
24-Sep-2018 20:22 PM

I am 55 years old male having diabitis.

In fasting it is 239 and after lunch/dinner it is 250-300.

I just want to know ca i have bilva patra juice for above reading. Pl. also provide how much juice i should take and when ? ( morning or after lunch ).


Shailesh Bhatt

18-Aug-2015 08:18 AM

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