Kejriwal from Political Compromiser

to Political Anarchist

Rather than concentrating on transformation of governance, the much hyped AAP Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, lured by media hype of being a strong factor in 2014 General Elections, has in three weeks degenerated into a “political anarchist” by dumping the dignity of the office of Chief Minister and reverting back to street-side political agitation, unmindful of the dignity of the high office he presently holds.

It was distressing to witness the AAP supremo resorting to street ‘Dharnas’ which this evening seem to be headed towards violence and unimaginable consequences in light of the Republic Day Parade and celebrations a few days hence in the very area in which these events are scheduled. The Chief Minister refused to shift his agaitational demonstrations to the traditional Jantar Mantar venue which is the locale of all political demonstrations in Delhi.

Media is now of the opinion that Arvind Kejriwal has over-reached himself politically  by fudging up the issue of the arrogance of his Law Minister with the question of transferring the control of Delhi Police from the Central Home Minister to Delhi Chief Minister. The reason was being that three Delhi Police officials were reluctant to carry out the rash orders being given to them by the Law Minister. The Central Home Minister refused to suspend the police officials until a judicial enquiry was over.

It was brought out in my last Column in December the fact of Kejriwal morphing from “Crusader against Corruption” to a “Political Compromiser”. His opportunistic streak now stands stretched to national political ambitions in a misplaced reading of the initial euphoria of a section of Delhi citizens. Media analyses indicate that Kejriwal rather than concentrating on governance has now positioned himself through his ongoing agitation on the streets in Central Delhi in close vicinity of the Parliament House, to force the Congress Party to withdraw their support to his Government. Presumably Kejriwal perceives that in this process he could end up as a “political martyr” and would then be well placed to fight the 2014 General Elections.

In my last Column then as a solitary voice I had stressed that “political ends do not justify the means”. That summation stands further reinforced by the most distressing developments of the last twenty four hours. Is the crusading Chief Minister of Delhi politically correct and justified in resorting to street power political agitations to press his political demands? Are AAP leaders justified in using abusive language against national political leaders? Is Kejriwal justified I paralysing the whole of Delhi’s normal life and inconveniencing the Aaam Admi of Delhi?

Arvind Kejriwal would not answer these questions as stands visibly transformed into a obdurate and arrogant leader as visible in TV visuals of the last twenty four hours. His arrogance extended to intemperate statements that the Central Home Minister cannot decide where he sits in Delhi but he as Chief Minister of Delhi would decide where the Union Home Minister would sit in New Delhi!! Preposterous is it not?

The answers need to be given by the Indian media which with its unrestrained media hype bestowed on him a political ‘Halo’ totally unjustified and misreading of his political intentions. The answer needs to be given by those sections of Delhi State who invested so much heavily in bringing AAP to power hoping that Delhi’s governance would be transformed.

The answer needs to be more significantly  given by the Congress Party which unilaterally offered political support to bring Kejriwal into power and now refusing to withdraw political support to his Government when the law and order situation in Delhi seems to be headed to an ugly turn.


More by :  Dr. Subhash Kapila

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Comment Totally deviating from his big promises made, Delhities would be again in dilemma whether they did right by giving the steering of so delicate and important car in hands of such an inexperienced driver. Is the conscience of Mr. Kejriwal vanished after elections or been sucked up within few days of governance. Rather then buffeting from all sides he should rather start slowly with high efficiency. Beating around the bush would fetch no goodwill as eyes are already set on him due to his promises and mammoth cynical attitude towards every party, schemes and governance. The extremity is now breached with the agitation, still when Republic Day Celebration is near.... What if it becomes advantage to the anti social elements and possess threat to national security..

23-Jan-2014 16:19 PM

Comment From the beginning I had felt that Kejriwal is a blown bubble which one day will burst and Congress was playing suicidal game when it gave support to AAP
In the end it is BJP that will benefit

Pranlal Sheth
22-Jan-2014 11:33 AM

Comment Kejriwal has proved that he is a good agitater and a bad administrater

satpal amar
21-Jan-2014 17:11 PM

Comment I agree sir (I doubted earlier on your last article statiing that it was too early to doubt Kejariwal's intentions and capabilities).

Rather than terming media 'unrestrained', will it not be more suitable to term it as 'bikau' ? Because in past few days NDTV group, took interview of Mr. Kejariwal, the interviewers acted as they didn't have answers to Kejariwal's prompt counter-questions !! How much drama is this, if common man can question Kejariwal's real intentions why not media super stars ?

Also, in any case Congress has done a suicide by supporting AAP. If they withdraw support the AAP will consume Congress vote share or if they do not withdraw support the AAP will still split Congress votebank. So, in this manner AAP and Kejariwal is doing good for the nation (lol).

Dinesh Kumar Bohre
21-Jan-2014 09:39 AM

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