The Spiritual and Moral India

Though born and brought up in this so called spiritually superior nation India for the past sixty five years, I still fail to understand the real psyche of an Indian mind. I am not a right person to judge the lives and philosophy of the people who were before my generation. But, today I find almost every Indian seems to enjoy the maximum freedom of expression and action in all possible ways.
To be precise, India’s democracy is a chaos and indiscipline is at its pinnacle.
We see protests and fights for any and every thing. We want laws to control the actions of every citizen on one side and another side we have people who say that laws should not be exercised. I am sure all the Indian laws are there only to be violated by every citizen. Look at the simple road rules which need to be followed for a safe travel and walk, none follows it. We say we hate bribe but we practice it in all walks of life. Even we bribe the supreme God with money, jewels and other paraphernalia in the name of devotion and belief. We barter with him for favors. We say we are the country of nonviolent people, but there are always murders taking place for money, land and women every day. We say capital punishment should be abolished because we have no right to take away a life through law but never feel that a murderer has taken that right according to his whim who should go unpunished. We say ours is the only country which respects women, but we are the country where dowry deaths, female foeticides and bride burning are even now prevalent.
Now there is a big hullabaloo about the article 377 about gay rights while a host of people are for scraping it but the Supreme Court and a lot of custodians of morality favor it. Do LGBT still believe that by decriminalizing homosexuality, gays can live happily? There are so many acts according to Indian ethos and laws are considered as criminal acts, like murder, drinking, stalking, rape, bribery, demanding dowry, bigamy, ragging, caste discrimination, child marriage, prostitution to just name a few. These are considered evils in India, but more than any other nation on the globe, India promotes these criminal acts with supreme arrogance and impunity. In such circumstances, it is strange that the LGBT believes by bringing law or abolishing 377 will put them in safe condition. If they think so it is nothing but a pipedream.
Indian nation is a unique land. The prime quality of the country as a whole is ‘hypocrisy’. They have been trained to lead a life of gregariousness with nonchalance. After independence, in recent years, the democracy has been made into a mockery of all sorts which could be seen through our wonderful, publicity crazy media every day.
Ridiculous democracy, illogical explanations, disobedience of very high order, scant regard for discipline and morals, unbridled freedom of expression, dirtiest ways to lead public life, greed for money and material comforts and violation of any law with great impunity are the order the day in this holy nation.
Feel confused or disheartened? If so, if you have a brave heart better be a part of this ‘spiritual India’ or try to get out of this country at the earliest.


More by :  G Swaminathan

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