Conundrum of Same Sex Relationships

The present debate and discussions on the Supreme Court verdict on criminalization of same sex relationships and the subsequent heated arguments put forth in the media for and against, as a neutral spectator, are surprising to me. Even those who vote for gay sex legalization will agree that India is a country of great culture and heritage. It is also well known that the compendium on sex ‘Kama Sutra’ is a prestigious Indian contribution to the pleasures of carnal desires.
Though I cannot claim of knowledge about ‘Kama Sutra’ as I have not gone through it, I however, hope that it does not speak about same sex relationship. And assuming even it is so the present Indian culture, though westernized in many aspects, will not be in a position to take it favorably.
Well, what really amuses me is why an act between two consented adults within the four walls of their bedroom or whatever should be legalized or considered illegal. And why one should expect a legal sanction for that? Is there any clause in the Indian Penal Code which states that a ‘natural’ man and woman can have sex for so many times or hours according to the Indian culture and natural desires? Are there any specifications that a man and woman during sex should not indulge in fellatio or sodomy? What sort of physical relationship exists between two adults in private is none’s botheration. Further, why it should get the legal sanction as long as it is between those two of them?
‘Legal sanction’ is completely different from ‘social acceptance’. There are many relationships and acts which are socially accepted are not legally sanctioned, for example polygamy. Here also unless the first wife or one of wives lodges a police complaint, the person who is in sexual relationship with many will not be arrested and no legal proceedings will take place. If that is the case, most of our political leaders and film actors are liable for prosecution. India is a land of Rama who believed in one man-one woman relationship as well as land of Panchali who had been a wife to five. Chastity gets glorified in one place in our epics and goes for a toss in the other. Explanations are abundant if you start questioning them.
One thing has become evident in the present India. Everyone wants publicity and popularity and hit on something or other to draw attention. The freedom of expression has become so powerful that any and every act assumes uncouth publicity. People have become highly self opinionated and feel that they are the authority on everything. Supreme Courts several orders have been flouted brazenly by many leaders and states. What happen to them?
Human relationships are very complex and cannot be controlled or dictated by law or court. One needs a court and judge for giving divorce but does he figure anywhere if they unite again? Those who subscribe to gay relationships and those who vociferously scream against it as perversion should spend better times on other productive activities.

‘Sex’ is an all pervading human nature which is worldwide. It can never be dictated by rules and laws. 


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Comment I disagree with Satapl comments. Its like a blind leading a blind. What defines "natural ways" Just because someone said so the person shouldnt follow those steps. One has to stand and decide which way to go.
Also a sexual orientation is not derived by sexual pleasure or desire. It is same natural selection for us the way you choose your womens.

Also, homophobia is not about being ignorant but about failure to understand other humans. If you google you will find many cases for gay animals. Refresh you base and then comment again.

10-Feb-2014 11:55 AM

Comment Look at the animals, they have sex for procreation only, because they can't think.? WE as men and women think, that is why we have sex for procreation and well.Real sex is always between a male and female. Male having sex with male and female having sex with female is unnatural. Even the animals don't do it. Man is superior in the circle of creation. .We should maintain our superiority by going the natural ways, we should not degrade over selves by adopting unnatural ways. If we do that we will be a level below the animals and might be born as animals in the next life.

satpal amar
08-Feb-2014 11:37 AM

Comment It is the functionality of sex, surely, that is the basis of homophobia: a man and woman join in sexual union as they are designed to do for the purpose of procreation of the species. But when a man and a woman 'have sex' solely for pleasure derived, it is a false activity, belied even by the actions, yet it goes through the filter of social acceptability because the primary form of the act is honourable. It is this false activity that is picked up by same sex couples and vindicated on that basis: that if sex based on pleasure is on, then any gender distinction between people attracted to each other is irrelevant.

05-Feb-2014 21:20 PM

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