Congress in State of Denial

on Massive Corruption

A politically born-again Rahul Gandhi, the Congress Party’s Prime Ministerial face, has plunged into the volatile General Election 2014 campaign accusing BJP and other political parties of wholesale corruption conveniently forgetting that it was the Congress Government which had let loose a ‘Tsunami of Corruption” and misgovernance on the Indian Republic.

The Congress Party and its Vice President in an election mode seem to be in a ‘state of denial’; if corruption and that too wholesale corruption was ever existent during the second term of the Congress Government in New Delhi. The Congress Party and its apex leaders seem to have tucked away in some remote forgetful recess of their minds the 2G Scam, 3G Scam, the Commonwealth Games Scam and the Coalgate Scam besides others which had footprints reportedly leading to the higher echelons.

India was plagued with the sorry spectacle of the Prime Minister of the day not calling his ministers to account. In the Coalgate Scam the Indian media was agog with charges of opposition leaders that the Prime Minister who was then the Coal Minister also should explain as to why procedures were flouted and favours dispensed.

The Congress Party has yet not learnt the lesson that it was Congress regime’s rampant corruption that prompted the citizens of the national capital New Delhi to bring in the Aam Admi Party to power. Even after the AAP Government bowed out on its own, surveys indicate that this anti-corruption crusade party would be voted back to power. That is the mood of the Indian masses.

What does all this indicate? It is that the Indian masses are not going to grant forgiveness to any corrupt political regimes in power.
By the same token can the Congress Party and their leaders in their election campaign for 2014 continue to be in a ‘state of denial?’ Does Congress Party deceptively perceives that the Indian masses have developed amnesia on the rampant corruption that has taken place in the last four or five years?

The answers would only surface once the General Elections 2014 start rolling in about a hundred days hence.


More by :  Dr. Subhash Kapila

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Comment I'm sure we will agree that Rahul Gandhi is seriously not 'in a state of amnesia'. No, his psychology of blame is that corruption is not exclusive to any one party; more, that occurring recently, given the lessons of the past, is culpable to a much greater degree, and, wait for it, that he, Rahul Gandhi, with a clean sheet, would ensure was a thing of the past – no matter whose past.

18-Feb-2014 23:29 PM

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