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Rahul & Modi: Mere Symbols

in the Battle for India's Soul

I normally stay far away from political issues and politics in India. There are more interesting things in life to follow, isn't it? But this book Beyond Rahul vs Modi 2014-2024: The Battle For India's Soul kept me riveted.

For one, it is written in an interesting and engaging manner with analogies from Bollywood, cricket and real life! The book explains why and how Modi and Rahul are mere symbols in this battle for India's soul. If they were not around, two other personalities would have cropped up!

As I read the book, I realized this battle between, say, India versus Bharat is real. The book actually writes about all of us even as it compares Rahul and Modi and where they intend to take India.

What I found most interesting is the humorous manner in which the author has exploded many myths being peddled by journalists, newspapers and TV channels!

Do read the book and enjoy even as you get an insight into the real issues that affect us and will affect our children's future!
It is always seen that the aam aadmis are always victims to the power gambles...this book is a step to enlighten me types about many a hidden truths n facts...

This book is available online and in stores allover..


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