Lifestyle Modifications for Obese

  1. The key to healthy weight are regular exercise & good eating habits.
  2. Consume food in order to satiate hunger, do not overeat if the dish is of your choice or eat less when you do not like it.  This changing quantity can put immense strain on the digestive system.
  3. Quantity of food should be depending on the heaviness & Lightness with respect to its action in the body.
  4. Eat only when you are hungry (which is an indication of proper digestion of the previous meal) & not when you are bored or because you can’t think of anything else to do.
  5. Do not consider eating an exercise which should be performed according to time table whether needed or not.
  6. Eat warm & unctuous food.  Avoid eating refrigerated food cooked before 24 hours after re-heating it.  This renders the food less palatable & un-unctuous again straining the digestive system.
  7. Care should be taken to have meal with full concentration keeping away from activities like talking, watching television etc. 
  8.  This habit helps to relish the food properly & avoids unnecessary delay in completing meals which in turn leads to proper digestion.
  9. Always rest for few minutes after meals & then go for walk.  One should never resort to work, be it sedentary or manual immediately or go to sleep instantly post meals.
  10. Avoid raw food as well as fast foods.
  11. Meals should never comprise of the same type of items every now & then but should include all the food groups not daily but at proper intervals.
  12. Skipping meals is not advised because it reduces the digestive power in due course & leads to lose appetite.
  13. Seasonal changes should be made accordingly.
  14. To stay active, try to exercise every day.  Your does not have to be hard core, either.  Walking, swimming & stretching are all good ways to burn fat & help you stay fit.  Try these activities to get moving- Go outside for walk, Take the stairs instead of the elevator, Walk or bike to place (such as school or a friend’s house) instead of driving.
  15. Alternate activities so you don’t get bored: try running, biking, skating – the possibilities are endless.
  16. Limit your time of watching TV or playing video games, computers.
  17. Work on your breath.  Breathing techniques such as yoga & meditation regularize metabolism & bodily functions.
  18. Don’t seat for more than an hour at a stretch.  Every now & then, go for a small walk or do a few stretches.
  19. These habits should be incorporated into the life slowly & gradually.  It is always good if one is practicing them already.  But if not so the schedule should not change all of sudden.  This will do no good to the body.  It is necessary to practice the excellent habits into ones life & not the inappropriate ones.


More by :  Dr. Jayshri Damke

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