Rasayan Chikitsa for the Treatment of Cancer

Today, we all are aware about many diseases which commonly exhibit themselves in our society but which were not mentioned in our Ayurvedic Samhitas. One may think that, ancient Ayurvedic knowledge has the limitations to understand and overcome these diseases of modern era, also known as Lifestyle diseases. Cancer is one of such disease which is not mentioned in Ayurvedic literature but occurs commonly. Treating Cancer with Ayurvedic medicines needs more elaboration of hetu and linga then only we can think about aushadha skandha for disease.

Aahar being one of the upastambha,  hence it may be the causative factor for most of the diseases. Can aahar be the hetu of Cancer? Of course, it is. Anything we eat gets converted into the body tissues i.e. Dhatus. Dhatu which generates from ahita aahara will be definitely deviated from its normal state. It may trigger over production of un-matured constituents which is known as cancer in today’s era. Most vaidyas consider arbuda as cancer, then what about leukemia?

Shukra dhatu does the work of punarnirmana but it is not limited to Garbhotpadana but it maintains our body in a state of equilibrium throughout the life. Shukra dhatu dushti disturbs this equilibrium resulting in overproduction of underdeveloped tissues leading to cancer.

The diseases which are not directly mentioned in samhitas should be understood and treated in the light of basic ayurvedic siddhantas. Svabhavoparam vada is one of them. It states that hetuvaishamya causes diseases and hetusamyata results in svasthavastha. This can be considered as a treatment plan for cancer.

Rasayana therapy rejuvenates the body also it has vrushya properties hence it can treat the shukradushti along with prakrut production of dhatus. Thus rasayan therapy may benefit the cancer patient and lengthen his life expectancy.



More by :  Dr. Shreyansh Pachore

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Comment I am 72 years old suffering from prostate cancer. The PSA level is 21.5 and timer size is 12 mm It is at 1st stage. I am not interested in operation or rideo therapy

D.R Mangalvedhekar
08-Oct-2019 11:52 AM

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