Pitta prakriti

Ayurveda describes the age - old concept of genetics as 'PRAKRITI'. Seven distinct traits have been described in all the Ayurveda classics.

Pitta or pitta-pradhana prakriti, one of the seven traits, has various distinct qualities and disqualities. These features possessed by the individuals with pitta/pitta-pradhana prakriti are further disscussed in detail.

Due to the inherent hot quality of pitta, these individuals have a high metabolic rate, a tendency to eat and drink a lot and are often thirsty. They develop moles and skin eruptions. They possess soft and scanty hair and tend to be prematurely grey and bald. They are unable to bear even minimum heat. They are brave and courageous but cannot tolerate exertion. They get easily provoked and upset. The fluid quality makes the body parts, muscles and joints soft and flabby. The high metabolic rate leads to excessive perspiration and excretion.

The foul smell of the pitta tends to give them a strong body odour. The quality of heat and pungent taste leads to limited sexual urge, scanty semen and limited progeny. Due to the sharp and quick action, they have a very good intellect, grasping power, memory and are of moderate strength and the life span is medium.

Prakriti and diet: Dietary requirement should be modified according to the prakriti (constitution) of the individual. In general, an individual with pitta prakriti should take cool, heavy, sweet, bitter and astringent food articles. Susceptibility to diseases: Individuals possessing pitta prakriti are prone to diseases of the digestive and metabolic systems. The diseases mostly affect the abdomen ie. the area between the breast and umbilicus. Also, pitta disorders are pronounced in the middle aged which is the period of pitta (pitta kala) like intense localised burning sensation, stomatitis, acid regurgitation, jaundice, bleeding disorders, bluish discoloration of the skin.


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