The Minds of the Seers

Just as the water is evaporated as water vapor and is received and clouds are formed and the clouds rain waters as different quantities at different places, so also the minds of the seers receive the information contained in what they read, study, get insight of, understand and experience and distil it together with their background, mental makeup, personality, the language and cultural background, academic and intellectual training, intuition or transcending these will pronounce the truth in their language typical to them, their experience and training.

That is why even though the Truth is one, it is viewed, reviewed, contemplated, distilled, with their minds,hearts, knowledge - natural and acquired,  intellectual sharpness, intuitive clearness, profound experience, personality, tradition, cultural and social background filter and give us the essence of the tattva, knowledge, devotion amalgamated with emotional and spiritual rasas.
Truth is One, scholars express it variedly.

Based on the Grace of the Lord, our nature and mental traits, whatever  filtrate or concoction,or essence is received it will be attaining the same state within us and experience caused will be the same.(Only one - Unique) and same spiritual experience is experienced. Remains in us as us. It shines brilliantly and illumines our mental faculties and personality.

The only difference is depending on our mental makeup and genetic nature prior and later to our spiritual instruction, we experience together with or transcending our nature and mental makeup. a spiritual view.  All meditations, spiritual paths, rites are all only to have the profound Divine Experience; to get tuned with the Lord and absorb in Him.

The experiences, commentaries, expressions of different seers are like the courses taken by different rivers. The course of every river is directed towards the sea. "nadeenam sagaro gathhi - all rivers take the course towards the sea". It is same which ever river-course we follow we reach the sea and merge in the sea.

Every river course is having equal importance and significance. Let us follow the course destined to us by the Grace of the Lord and move in its presence, intimacy, nearness, dearness and path and we will reach Him - the Isvara, the Narayana and any of our favorite and dear God.

No course of this or that  river is preferred, superior or supreme or great and others less significant or profound.  It is futile and useless to discuss and debate over various spiritual paths and indulge in their criticism saying some are great others are worthless and like that. The thinking about the correct or incorrect or worthy or worthless or useful or useless aspects of various spiritual paths based on our likes and dislikes is waste of time and energy. We do not get any benefit beyond loving or hating others based on their paths and end up fighting with one another and unnecessarily peace of mind is disturbed.

The wise and the intelligent will mind their business, follow the course of their liking and get absorbed in the Divinity. Who spend their time and energy on unnecessary fights determining the greatness, ridiculing or disregarding or otherwise of various paths will remain where one is and his life thus spent will become a waste. he will not be able to take any course and gets lost being where one is.

Liberation is obtained and attained salvation is attained by the Grace of the God. Thus let us always be reminding Him and become Free of all worries, fears, anxieties, doubts, contemplations and debates.

Let us be the Diving Being - always - what we are by nature.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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Comment Thank you Ramarao garu for the kind attention and learned observations. I am blessed.

Varanasi Ramabrahmam
10-Mar-2014 20:13 PM

Comment my dear varanasi varu
man's mind goes on jumping round and running for things
we know rules and principles but seldom follow and adhere to them
the only way is remembering the supreme Being all the while
the sooner it is done the better for us all
only the feeling of devotion and love divine can keep us really happy
thanks for advocating deep and devotional thought
rama rao

vadapalli.rama rao
10-Mar-2014 00:56 AM

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