Sheelajit a Herbomineral Drug

Shilajeet is an important herbomineral drug.. Describing its importance Charaka has said, “there is hardly any curable disease which cannot be alleviated or cured with the aid of Shilajeet. Ayurveda mentions it as wonderful medicine. It describes that shodhita Shilajeet after bhavana (addition of constituents of a drug to it for a disease to be cured in form of watery extract etc.) can cure even the asadhya diseases and disorders. Nearly all the ancient and medieval texts, which constitute the frame of Ayurveda strongly, upheld the curative action and therapeutic properties of the drug. The Shilajeet has been in extensive use in the preparations of a number of medicines and their utility has been most dependable because of this very constituents.

The action of the drug is the characteristic feature of that drug.
Swarna Shilajeet – Rasayana karma.
Rajata Shilajeet – Panduroga nashaka.
Tamra Shilajeet – lekhana.
Loha Shilajeet – Rasayana, Vrishya

Sadharana Shilajeet: The action of sadharana Shilajeet was dealt separately though it is considered as panacea but it still requires intensive research works to highlight its action.

Specific Action of Shilajeet:

It has following specific actions :

- Chhedana karma
- Vrishya
- Balya
- Lekhana
- Yogavahi
- Rasayana

Specific Properties of Shilajeet:

Chedana : is one which expels the kaphadi doshas from the Srotas with the force due to Prabhava of the drug. Chedana drugs are usually belonging to amla, katu rasa and teekshna guna. On the other hand chedana serves two fold functions.

1. Amla helps in vilayana of obstructive materials.
2. Katu & Tikta expel the vitiated material form the Srotas with the above diathesis the obstructive kapha and other material have been cleared out from the Srotas. Due to above properties Shilajeet acts as chedana.

Anulomana: Gives strength to the intestinal structures and releases the vata from the intestines. Triphala shodhita Shilajeet possess ushna virya and anulomana properties.

Balya : the drug which increases vitality is called balya.

Medhya: The drug that is capable of increasing intelligence is called as medhya. There is no rigid rule that medhya drug should possess madhura rasa and sheeta virya. Even ushna virya and tikta rasa drugs can act as medhya. So it is due to Prabhava of the drug that Shilajeet though ushna in virya and tikta in rasa, still increases grahana shakti (grasping power) or smarana (memory power).

Hridya : This is the one of the property of muscles, ushna virya katu rasa gives stimulation to the heart function. So Shilajeet acts as hridya. Cardiac tonic are drugs which improves the action of heart by increasing the tone and nutrition of the cardiac muscle where as cardiac stimulants are used as an emergency measure to tide over a critical period. Cardiac tonic produces a more permanent effect. These may act either directly on the muscle, possibly by giving rest i.e. increasing the period of diastole and improving nutrition through better coronary circulation or there by improving nutrition through better coronary circulation and indirectly by improving the general health and condition of blood.

Deepana: The drug which stimulates the gastric fire is called deepana. Shilajeet is having the properties of katu, ushna virya, ushna and laghu so it acts deepana. Vagus nerve is having some control over the secretion of the HCl and peptin. Katu rasa of Shilajeet stimulate the function of the vyana. So the normalised function of the stomach also help in digestion. Even from the modern idea also bitters aromets are good stimulants.

Stomachis – the drug which increases the gastric secretion and improves the appetite and digestion are known as stomachics. It is evident that sensation of taste, odour etc. chiefly stimulate secretary fibres of vagus and the secretion so indeed termed psychic or appetite. This sensation intimates the gastric digestion which is supplemented by further secretion arising in the stomach itself.

Pachana: The drug that disintegrates ama but does not stimulate agni, is called Pachana. Shilajeet owing to katu tikta rasa, ushna virya helps in pachana of ama.

Rasayana : Is one which increases the rasa raktadi dhatus. Also it increases the longevity, resistance, power and imparts rejuvenation to the body is called Rasayana.

Action of Doshas:

Swarna Shilajeet : Vata pitta shamaka.
Rajata Shilajeet : Kapha pitta shamaka
Tamra Shilajeet : Kapha shamaka.
Lauha Shilajeet : Tridoshghna.
Sadharana Shilajeet: Kaphahara, Vatahara, Swarna, rajata, tamra and lauhaja variety acts as vata pitta shamaka, kapha pitta shamaka, kaphaghna and tridoshaghna respectively.


According to Charaka Samhita there is no curable disease on earth which Shilajeet can not perforce subdue. When administered at right time, well prepared and in the right manner, it will secure for the healthy subject the optimum measure of vitality.
It removes old age and disease, gives great firmness of the body, increases intelligence and memory and promotes prosperity.


More by :  Dr. Vidya Darade

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