The Authentic Face of Indian Police

Whenever we think of police we either have a sense of fear or feel of contempt. The reasons are obvious. The general image projected by the media about the police folk is not very flattering or positive. However, in movies too, they take a very idealistic posture and we were invariably shown the idealist is killed or put a lot of hardships. The policemen especially the constables are butt of ridicule and to a great extent they too behave like that. So what exactly is the true and realistic image of the police in India?
Aamir Khan should be lauded for presenting the police force in its true colors with the positive and the negative sides properly projected. The most endearing part of the recent installment of ‘Satymev Jayate’ on Police featured many IPS officers in senior positions and retired officials expressing their true angst about the most vital section of the society.
The lack of will, the outdated system introduced by British century ago and above all the pathetic situations in which they have to work were brought to discussion. The British who introduced such a system in India to control the public have a different one in UK which was clearly explained by the Manchester Police Department officer. But, India prefers to follow the moth eaten old rules adding extra problems and misuse of the whole system to suit the needs of the politicians.
I feel after seeing the miserable conditions in which the police constables work and live, the country’s government and the law makers will do something to alleviate their miseries and better work environment. It is really shocking that they alone constitute 92 percent of the police force.
All these show how our Indian democratic system is completely flawed and we try to live like the earlier day kings and monarchs. No other country will provide so much freedom to the political leaders and tolerate such arrogance. It also showed how our media also play a biased role in depicting the police department in poor light.
It is really surprising to note that Kerala has shown better interaction with the public and police while a state like Haryana completely fudge the real data of complaints and even phone calls. All the state governments have the audacity to neglect and disobey the orders of the Supreme Court as for as the functioning of the police department. But, one need not have to feel surprised. Courts and cases have become the biggest jokes, long drawn out affairs and absolutely out of control.
In fact, it is not surprising in recent years. Every state, the rulers do and undo what they like because they are elected by the majority of the public and they are ready to go to any extent to retain their powers. Our democracy has been ridiculously reduced to mockery.
Changes are needed. But, unfortunately in India it lies with the political leaders who are the best representatives of disobedience and corruption.


More by :  G Swaminathan

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