Talking Angels and Arts with Mani Goel

The Hong Kong-based New Age healer unravels mysteries for the seekers of the beyond in an e-mail interview with Sunil Sharma

Q: Starting with the obvious: Is there a world beyond the earth?

A:  I am too small a being to carry the weight of this question. Perhaps it would be better to refer to what our ancient scriptures and manuscripts not just from India but different parts of the world tell us. Perhaps we can refer to the work and writings of great scientific minds such as Nicola Tesla, and philosophers like Carl Jung or even the scientific discoveries being made and revealed these days. In recent times, we can read documented evidence of past life regressions and other spiritual encounters people had during hypnotherapy sessions with Dr. Brian Weiss, before Dr. Weiss even realized his patients had been traversing a different state of consciousness beyond the scope of their current human lives during what was meant to be a regular psychotherapy or hypnotherapy session. One can also refer to writings of the likes of Edgar Cayce who wrote extensively about Akashi Records and did Spiritual Readings for thousands of people in a trance- like state. Evidence is being found about several people including medical professionals and scientists reporting Near Death Experiences and coming back to narrate stories of encounters with spiritual forces well- beyond regular human sensibility and scope of  attribution. In the most straight-forward manner – Yes, there are subtle worlds and not so subtle worlds outside and beyond earthly realms and there are invisible and subtle worlds within the scope of earth as well. In my personal and humble opinion, with all the information available to us, it is a little bit arrogant or perhaps too naïve for any human being to assume or conclude, at this moment in time, that we are the only ones out there or that world consists only of what we are able to see, touch, smell or hear with our limited physical human senses. Most of us have at some point or the other felt this connection and presence of these invisible worlds and beings around us but our social conditioning and third -dimensional existence often prevent us from acknowledging this. Of course, now more and more people are getting more aware and interested in this.

Q: Are there angels out there to reach out humans and help them during crises?

A: There are angelic beings as a form of subtle consciousness that we can seek help from and who often help us during crises. Lot of times such help may not come in a straightforward manner i.e. in form of a mighty handsome or beautiful being in white cloak, wielding a sword, flying down from the skies, sporting white wings lifting you and transporting you somewhere (this may happen though) but such help usually and most commonly in form of intuitive guidance, sudden thoughts or spontaneous action we may end up undertaking ourselves that would eventually steer us out of the crisis one might be facing at the time.

Like when my father was going through a severe health crisis (a cardiac arrest to be precise) post midnight in a reputed hospital in Mumbai with no night doctors or nurses in sight and as I asked for divine intervention and began to do healings for him, soon thereafter I started to scream at the top of my voice, (I am usually a soft-spoken person not given to screaming and noisy outbursts), which then alerted emergency staff at the hospital. I just kept screaming at the top of my voice. This was one of the ways how angelic and healing guides worked through me, propelling me to scream, firstly to scare the dark energy forces (hospitals are full of those) and also to raise an alarm loud enough for medical staff on duty and ICU team of senior doctors to hear and rush to our rescue within minutes. You can read a relatively detailed account of that night in one of my recent articles published in an Indian magazine.
Angels especially as one part of the spectrum of heavenly beings or divine consciousness are really making their presence felt in form of orbs, streams of light, dream visitations. It is not a coincidence that over the last few years, there has been a surge in their popularity. It is because a lot of people have begun to have spiritual and mystical experiences that are palpable and are now coming out to share them with the world.

Q: Why this universal need for such New-Age therapies for wellness? Something to do with a fragmenting communities and isolated existence of individuals in lonely cultures?

A: Your question subtly hints at escapism. Although spiritual practices, faith and religion are often means for escapism, and continue to be such for   lot of people.  However, the explanation as to the growing universal need and appeal of New-Age therapies or philosophy is not as simplistic. Firstly, a lot of what we currently think of as New-Age has mostly been part of our social fabric through ancient cultures and communities, and through human existence, be it in any part of the world. So we had shamans, village seers, priest, healers, philosophers and prophets who were the corner stone of a community, a city. These were the seers who were able to commune with the invisible forces, forecast weather, had miraculous healing powers, made prophecies and were able to tune into their divine powers and psychic gifts and help others. Only difference is human beings did not have access to internet or air travel in those times or the ease of information sharing we have available at this point in time. Organized religion as what we have today came into existence at a much later stage. With all due respect, while organized religion also served the society, it also had an agenda. And everything that fell beyond its scope was either dismissed, thwarted, or relegated to the periphery. Hence our social conditioning told us, if one was able to see things, or feel things beyond the usual human senses, one was odd. A lot of people began to shut their gifts off, seeking answers in what was prevalent – following robed gurus, in religion or just ignored it all going about their lives. Increased immersion in material aspects of life, cut people off from their own latent spiritual potential and gifts.

And now things have begun to change. It is all part of our evolution as spiritual beings. We have slowly begun to come to a tacit realization that we are no different from each other, despite our colors, nationalities, language, and of course the faith we might be born into. So how could we be divided into so many sects, so many religions. Traditional institutionalized religion has also fallen short of our expectations not so much in form of their basic teachings but in its basic structure and organization. While all faiths and their founders have passed a message of love, peace, compassion, and understanding. Faith has also led to lot of division, strife and struggle in societies, communities and world at large. At a deeper level we all strive for peace and we cannot derive it from any external sources. So people have begun to question a lot of things, which we were taught to believe at an early age. A lot of people have now also begun to look within, and beyond the scope of regular religion and prevalent social systems in their quest for greater understanding, greater health, state of well-being, to seek answers, to comprehend and even enhance the state of their inner and outer worlds. It is because the prevalent systems have begun to fall markedly short of expectations and serve their purpose. Besides, we have begun to evolve spiritually, waking up to our own latent potential and gifts that previously lay unexpressed or within the realm of social and religious taboo. 

There is also information available at the tip of our finger tips. So there is greater awareness of happenings around the globe. Therefore, for a person with a serious medical ailment looking for an alternative cure or healing modalities can easily access the relevant information on the internet and be in touch with a spiritual healer in another part of the world. If that experience is positive, he or she may be more than willing to share that information or perhaps even learn this new form of therapy to bring it to his or her own town or place of residence. Besides, a lot of educated and successful professionals- me being a case in point and several others like myself- doctors, professors, entertainment professionals with strong academic backgrounds, knowledge and awareness of world issues have begun to report mystical experiences of high degrees and at great frequency. Such people who probably never grew up thinking or ever imagined in their wildest dreams, they would one day evolve into shamans, healers, tarot card readers, angels therapists, past-life regressionists, spiritual gurus, etc have suddenly found themselves overwhelmed with this urge to take up spiritualism in one form or other as a life calling and reach out to more people. They have sure faced hurdles no doubt but the call of the spiritual has been so strong, there is no going back for such people.

Typically, this new generation of spiritualists are not in robes, they have high international degrees, are well-read, well-spoken, have attractive personalities, are intelligent, aware of worldly affairs, have a wealth of life experiences, which aided them in their spiritual journeys, have had some kind of life altering experience- a breakthrough that propelled them on this path, be it in form of a near-fatal accident, an illness, deep experience of loss or suffering. These people then are able to don their new avatars as a seer, a teacher and to a great extent reach out to people in a more grounded fashion. Not as someone on a pedestal, a robed guru who expects your garlands, your bowing and touching of feet, but as a wise friend or compatriot who understands you, empathizes with you and is one from the ranks, who is not scared of breaking away from prevalent norms. People are then naturally drawn to them as they are able to relate to and identify with such teachers, such mentors.

Another reason is we have also become more individualistic in our approach. So what you suggest as fragmentation, of society, isolation and loneliness has also put lot of people on an extremely personalized journey of self-discovery and even spiritual metamorphosis that goes beyond the scope of traditional religion and rituals. For example a cancer patient discovering the power of spiritual healing and curing herself of the dis-ease. Out of our greatest suffering emerges our greatest transformation. I discovered my own connection with healing and underwent a rapid spiritual awakening after a severe back injury.


Q: How does Angel Healing work?

A: In Angel Healing, one connects with angelic guides or a stream of divine consciousness not in human body, also known as angels and asks them to impart their messages, guidance and even healing energies that are for one’s highest and greatest good. The healer then serves as the medium to transmit those messages, guidance or healing energies to the person concerned. Such messages can also come in form of intuition, thought forms or sudden guidance to perhaps go some place. For example: I might be asking for help from my angelic guides to heal my shoulder pain and then suddenly I may receive this intuitive hit to visit a particular place. As I visit that place, I may see a chiropractor’s clinic and a yoga center. I end up visiting both. One treatment with the chiropractor and my shoulder pain is gone. I enroll for yoga classes for sustained healing and wellness. This is just an example of how heavenly help and guidance may come at times. So in this case, while helping me to heal, my angelic guides also appear to have suggested me to practice yoga and introduced me to a chiropractor for a healthier body. But sometimes, the intervention can be lot more direct too especially in life-death and life-altering situations. 

Q: Can we alter our destiny through such guidance or divine intervention?

A: What we think or perceive of as our destiny is a sum-total of influences around us, this can include our karmic trajectory- subtle and non-subtle action or inaction, mental processes, intention, environment we are born in, etc; mass consciousness, astrological cycles, planetary influences also fall in this sphere of influence, and amidst this vast sphere of influence, we human beings also have power of free-will, plus there is spiritual and divine help available to us. Nothing is fluid or fixed contrary to what one may be conditioned to believe. Sometimes, we may not be able to change a situation or circumstance but we can alter the way we react to it and thus, alter our destiny. We can also influence the outcome of a particular situation to a more positive and peaceful one through spiritual or divine intervention and by altering our own thoughts and actions to a higher energetic state. This would mean performing our actions with compassion, love and pure intent. Serving people, society, community, in any manner within our reach and scope. Developing a habit of kindness not just to select few but as a general way of being. It is all about pouring higher energies in a situation through prayers or seeking divine intervention, performing good actions, altering our thought process (which is subtle action as well) to a higher level by releasing lower emotions such as jealousy, fear, etc. When we make a habit of such way of living, we elevate our destiny to a higher level.

Q: Why the commercialization of such spiritual services? Why this desire to sell the arcane arts?

A: I can’t indulge in a social commentary or debate as of now, as it would be beyond the scope of this interview. However, I would like to mention that we have to realize that money is an energy stream. It is a means of exchange and if someone is providing us a service then it is only fair for that person to be compensated in some manner or another. We do not live in a barter economy, therefore, the means of compensation or remuneration would be money. There is nothing wrong with money. It is how we perceive money, use it or are used by it is wrong or faulty. What is also not correct however is greed, dishonesty, misuse of spiritual powers for personal gains and selfish motives, misleading someone for purpose of profiteering. And I have to say this happens more in societies like India where Guru culture is overtly prevalent.

A true guru is the one who dispels darkness. But here we see people who commit all kinds of heinous crimes under a robed façade in the garb of a guru and get away with it all. This also happens in societies and in cases where people are not willing to take responsibility for their own lives and feel that bowing to a guru or visiting a fortune teller will obliterate them of everything undesirable. They want someone to predict their future but are not willing to take responsibilities for their lives. But is it wrong for a healer or spiritual counselor to be charging a fee for his or her services. NO! I don’t think so as it narrows the gap, and serves to introduce spirituality in the society as a mainstream profession rather than being the domain of  a ‘select few’. On the contrary I think it is good that more and more young people are discovering spiritual healing, getting connected to arcane arts and serving the society to make this mainstream as a professional service provider. What’s wrong in it? Spiritual Life coaching, Spiritual Counseling and Mentoring should be introduced as a regular profession in our society. It should be introduced in schools, colleges, business organizations. It should be an important part of our social, economic and political fabric. This will not only help the society to evolve to higher state, by giving people ready access to a spiritual mentor just as one would visit a medical doctor, it will also introduce spiritualism  as a way of life, impart more accountability and help us more away from the ‘ Robed guru culture and blind-faith’ that has created mistrust in the minds of people about spiritualism and has led to the proliferation of self-serving ‘gurus’ who have adopted exploitation, power-seeking and manipulation in the name of spirituality.

If someone chooses to undertake spiritual healing as profession upon discovering it is indeed their calling. Why shouldn’t they charge fees? Of course it is up to them how much they wish to charge. But charging a fee makes them more accountable and allows them to be of even more service. Should they provide these services for free and choose to don the saffron robes instead coaxing people to provide them with donations. Either way, money will still need to exchange hands. Or else how do you expect these healers or teachers to make a living and continue to be of service? So why can’t they simply dress normal and undertake spiritual healing and such related endeavors as a profession like any other? Besides, there is also the concept of karmic debt? Where by a person who seeks or receives free healings from a healer actually becomes karmically indebted to him or her. So by providing the healer with his or her assigned fees, the one being healed or the client is paying back this karmic debt in form of energy exchange. What is wrong is the exploitation, self-service and manipulation that currently exists in society in name of spirituality and guru-dom.. And it exists in various aspects of society including medical profession, academia, politics, etc, etc.

I have met a few people who have taken this work out of a desire for self-aggrandizement. I do contend not all people have clear intent. There are also some very gifted people who get corrupted with money and with the lure of this work and what they see as its central perks. These people may be gifted but these are not necessarily ascended teachers. There are various levels of ascension for a spiritual teacher/healer. A truly ascended master healer and teacher will never do so. And is not difficult to recognize one either as long as one is being discerning.

A discerning eye can tell the difference. What self-serving people do is up to them. One only has control over one’s own actions. All truly awakened spiritual healers   I have met are great souls who are here on the planet at this moment to help other people awaken too, most of them have made great sacrifices to do what they are doing, only to serve, they have taken this work to help in the evolution of human race and society to a higher level. Would you rather they don saffron robes and  fill their secret coffers and amass wealth that is unaccounted for in form of donations from disciples, give rise to further blind-faith and social wrongs or would you rather go to an evolved spiritual healer and teacher, who provides you his or her services in a professional manner, charges a fees from those who are capable of paying, and is accountable to you as a professional.

Q: Is not bending to the logic of market economy that commodifies every human aspect and ability?

A: We can’t deny the fact we live in a market economy. And as I said, as long as one is able to strike the fine balance and transcend his or her ego, there is no harm in a spiritual healer or teacher receiving a monetary remuneration in lieu of his or her services. How else would they be expected to live a life or support their families or fulfill their responsibilities? Why would it be wrong for an artist to be compensated for his or her art? Of course how they go about it. is their karmic responsibility. And no one else but every individual is accountable for his or her own actions. But wondering whether an artist, a psychic, a spiritual life coach, or a healer should be charging a fees for their talents and making a living from it is like saying- you paint well, but it is wrong for you to charge a fees for your paintings and for your talent as an artist, give these for free, instead go fetch a pale of water or be a bank clerk. So how does the artist continue to paint? Or how does he or she procure material to paint? A canvas, the paint brush, paints, how will he or she find time to paint when he has been denied to live through his paintings, he’s busy being a bank clerk so he’s got no time any longer to paint. He has decided he is not going to paint any more. He is deeply frustrated and leads a miserable life and passes on without being able to express his gift as an artist. Such limited perceptions, overt analysis and critical thinking have led to the death of a fine artist before he was even born. Or he or she had another option.

Wear a saffron robe, or dress in white, start a so-called foundation, not charge a fee, but covertly seek donations from people by telling them he has magical powers and only he has these magical powers. By telling people they have to bow to him, as they are not as good as him, and will never have the kind of powers he has, because he is the chosen one, the god man or the god woman. Both are extreme scenarios. Is it then not better to adopt a middle-path, a more professional attitude and approach of donning the mantle of a service provider, charging a fees in exchange of services provided, will this not increase personal accountability and sense of responsibility?

People like me have taken on this kind of work not out of an impulse or to jump on the spiritual bandwagon. I can’t speak for others but I didn’t grow up imagining to be a spiritual healer one day. I didn’t even know something like this existed. And at this very moment I could have been at a very lucrative, financially rewarding and glamorous job and I did have lot of other options in form of a career. However, I have put those things aside, and the prospects of a having a regular career and job to be able to share this work as I was being called out to do so. And there are several other people who are doing the same as well. Most of us had other options at our disposal but we have taken upon this work because we believe it will bring greater happiness and peace in people’s lives. It will help change the world to a more peaceful abode. We feel ready to share and bring down such work and related information and experiences as the world is ready to receive it. Not always, not everywhere, not everyone but somewhere, someone at this time is seeking and calling out for help and guidance and people like me have heard and chosen to answer such calls.
Please also refer to my previous answer.

Q: How different are healers from sellers in such a market-driven economy? They are also pandering to fear and common human need for protection. Is it not?

A: Please refer to my previous answers.

Q: One experience of healing that you cherish most?

A: I cherish all. One closest to my heart is of course the situation I faced with my father not very long ago and how divine intervention and spiritual healing saved his life and allowed us to bring him home and ward off negative energies and influences that threatened his life at the time. Another recent one is when I posted something on FB (most of my posts are guided) and that post encouraged a suicidal individual to get in touch with me. Through our long session, that person had regained the motivation, will and courage to live.

Q: One memory that you regret most?

A: None.

Q: Have you seen the supernatural beings?

A: Through Dreams Visitations, Meditations, Psychic Visions (third-eye) and Astral Travel. If you mean, have I seen a dragon or a unicorn at my door-step or by my window-sill in a solid physical form. The answer is no. I have seen fairies though as they are more coarse and dense as compared to other higher realms. Since, we are talking about subtle realms here, these are not in a physical body like us, and the way one connects with these realms or they connect with us is also subtle. Such experiences are best not spoken about because often they cannot be described in words or within the confines and limitation of spoken or written words. A lot of people have reported seeing or sensing lot of angels and other spiritual beings around me. 

Q: If the invisible people wish to make contacts with us, then why the separation between the material and spiritual, physical and metaphysical?

A: The truth is there is no separation. But this physical plane is the plane of duality, separation. In essence, material and spiritual are one and the same. And this is what these beings from higher realms remind us. They remind us of our spiritual roots and connection and inspire us to live in a more evolved manner on Planet Earth. They are here to infuse this earthly existence with fragrance of spiritual awakening so we can come home to our own greatness and create a heaven on earth rather than seeking heaven after death. 
Besides, we begin to realize the state of no-separation only when we begin to transcend and rise above the physical existence and its illusory appearances. And yet we have to still honor the separation that is an important part of this plane. Earth plane is the plane of ego and certain constraints. So while I may have experienced the state of nothingness, love and oneness, I have to still honor being confined to this physical body housed by my spirit at this particular moment and perform my earthly duties and responsibilities. I could be living with my head high up into the skies connected to the divine, aware of the oneness, love and peace that transcends all illusion of separation and yet participating in this drama of earthly plane, of ego, of separation (often smiling and sometimes crying to myself in tacit realization of the futility of it all)

Q: Are artists better equipped to reach such higher realms?

A: I can’t say better equipped. But most spiritually awakened people do turn to art in one form or other. And a lot of artists are spiritually evolved individuals and are able to connect with subtle and higher realms and channel divine energies be it   through music, paintings, filmmaking, poetry, energy healing, prose or performing arts such as dancing. Even acting can be a very spiritual process. In Indian culture, an artist is considered to be closer to God and therefore, traditionally art and artists have always been placed on a higher platform within Indian society. I’ll try to explain briefly and within the scope of this interview, the reason why artists are believed to be connected to higher realms. For a regular human being, there are seven chakras or energy centers within their physical body. Of these, the higher chakras are the ones located in heart, throat, forehead and crown of our heads. Typically creative work is undertaken with the help of these upper four chakras (which have separate functions) and predominantly the crown chakra, which is also the center of spiritual awakening. Hence the connection between art and spiritual growth.

Q: Shakespeare says famously:  “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio/ Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” You agree with the Bard?

A: Yes! I do. Shakespearean work is rife with spiritual metaphors and symbolism.

Q: How artists are able to glimpse provinces that exist, yet not? Blake, for instance.

A: An artist appears to be more sensitive and empathetic to his or her own environment and thus tuned into the finer nuances of life, interplay of emotions, and also able to see or feel what is not usually accessible to the naked eye or vision of a regular individual too busy with mundane life. As we discussed in a previous answer, an artist is typically processing his or her creative faculties through the upper chakras- The Heart- seat of universal love, The Throat Chakra- Seat of clear loving and truthful communication, The Third-Eye Chakra located in the middle of forehead- seat of clear seeing and gift of clairvoyance, The Crown Chakra located in the crown of head- seat of spiritual awakening, creativity and divine communication. When these chakras are activated, mystical and creative work comes into being. Therefore, most great artists have a deeply mysterious and mystical quality to their work be it of any form and are able to express sublime universal truths and spiritual messages effortlessly. Their art is an expression of their spiritual selves, an exploration of their awakened faculties- mental, emotional spiritual-which allows them to obtain glimpse of the worlds, not so easily and readily accessible by regular beings and in turn their creative works help the world to be taken on a similar journey too and hopefully experience the same depth and awareness as the artist has in the moment.

In - I Heard an Angel - Blake says-

I heard an Angel singing ,When the day was springing, ‘Mercy, Pity, Peace Is the world's release.'

He most certainly did hear an angel as he wrote these words and thus, understood clearly what they were trying to communicate to him.
He further writes in Eternity
He who binds to himself a joy
Does the winged life destroy;
But he who kisses the joy as it flies.
Lives in eternity's sun rise.
Only a spiritual awakened soul is capable of such communion and deep wisdom. He was a most certainly a spiritual teacher, an earth angel in the garb of a poet and artist.  And so were most of our great writers, poets and artists.

Q: How inner transformations are made possible by the arcane and liberal arts?

A: In the same manner as brought about through regular meditation practice. Our whole being undergoes a transformation as we begin to connect and ascend to heightened states of consciousness in a meditative state.
It can also be brought about by being in the company of a spiritually awakened soul as in the presence of such souls, a shift takes places within the deep recesses of our consciousness and thought process that helps us transform our being without seemingly making any effort to do so. Awakened souls emit those frequency and vibrations of love. In the same manner arcane and liberal arts can create shifts in consciousness, help awaken our sensory perceptions, open our higher chakras enabling us to connect with and bring in more spiritual energies provide us greater sensitivity, clarity, psychic vision and allow us to see beyond the veils of illusion of human existence thus creating a state of inner transformation.

Q: Angel reading made easy for the dumb?

A: During an angel reading session, the reader or healer connects with angels and spiritual beings and tries to receive guidance from them on behalf of the  client, which might be of relevance to him or her pertaining to the situation. This spiritual guidance and messages are then imparted to the client in an objective and detached manner. The guidance that is presented is loving and in accordance to the person’s greatest good and highest truth. It is from a spiritual perspective and based in love and peace. A lot of people expect guidance thus imparted to be fixed prediction of their future, but it is not necessarily so. It should be looked upon as an indication or suggestion. Besides, a good and evolved Angel Healer will also be able to guide the client how to deal with a particular situation in the best manner possible and lead them to take specific steps to be able to do so. An Angel Reading is a positive, healing, gentle, loving and rejuvenating experience and powerful tool to help us in our spiritual growth, advance forward on our life journey, gain clarity about certain life issues, and bring more divine assistance in our lives.

Q: Is long-distance healing possible?

A: Yes! Most of the healings I undertake are distance- healings

Q: What is past-life regression? How is it possible?

A: Broadly and briefly within the scope of this interview- Past-life regression is basically journeying to our past lives, where in a state of deep mental relaxation we are able to connect with and visit our previous life-times on this earthly plane. How is it possible: In simple terms, we are a stream of consciousness housed in our physical bodies we have chosen for our current life-time at this moment. Most of us have had many life-times, births and re-births. In some cases we have not even been humans. We could have taken some other form like that of an animal or so. In deep meditative states, trance like states or sometimes when we are hypnotized and thus, away from external influences of our environment and surroundings, it is possible for our consciousness to be able to traverse and recall memories not just from early childhood or of forgotten trauma of current life-times but also connect to memories of past life-times and thus be able to remember them, connect with them or even see them as we would a movie on a screen. Again it is not a new concept. It has simply gained popularity as a viable tool in recent years for healing and erasing some repeated behavior patterns mostly following the success of now world-renowned Dr. Brain Weiss writings and books. But there have references to past life regression in Indian Upanishads and Maha Yogi Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra Doctrines. In Tibetan Buddhism it is a common practice to recognize and honor spiritual teachers and masters as a continuation of their roles in previous life times. Therefore, most highly revered teachers in Tibertan Buddhism are believed to be reincarnations for their former selves who have reappeared in their current life-time to again participate in the cycle of life and death as a bodhisattva simply to accomplish further spiritual tasks for the benefit of the whole world, and complete the spiritual tasks left unfinished from their previous births. These spiritual teachers are bestowed the same title as what they carried in their previous lives based on their own remembrance of their past lives and also through clairvoyant guidance from other Tibetan Buddhist spiritual teachers. Much like other spiritual therapies and modalities, even past-life regression is now making way into the lives of regular people to address certain life issues and seek some answers.

Q: How do you deal with skeptics and rationalists?

A: I believe in the adage of –to each his own. I have had some negative experiences where someone I met socially turned outright rude but later I realized, this person behaved in a particular manner due to his own fears and insecurities. He was scared of me, and what he perceived as my super powers (this is what he called it), without realizing he has the same potential within him as well. This particular person felt slighted when I mentioned about my book, my healing work etc. His attitude was – how could  being a lady I was able to undertake such work, and encroach upon the territory- I call it “the Guru field”- which has often been considered the prerogative of a man. I blessed him, prayed to God to impart him wisdom.

Such incidents are extremely rare and occurred when I first stepped out in public with this work many years ago. Most of the times when I meet or interact with people now, I don’t have to tell or explain anything to them. They are either aware of my work, or able to get a sense of it upon their brief interaction with me.

Q: Are great writers like Shakespeare, Whitman and Tolstoy, to name a few, mystics or great artists with extra-ordinary visions?

A: I don’t think there is much difference or any difference at all. It is all one and the same. As I have explained in a previous answer. Most, if not all great artists are mystics whether they proclaim to be one or not. Kahlil Gibran can be added to the above list too. And not only artists, ‘being mystical’ can be attributed to some of our greatest thoughts leaders, business leaders, and political leaders too. In the same vein, most mystics are also quite often artists and inevitably so. Creativity is often a by-product spiritual awakening and vice-versa is true as well. I personally feel there is a great need for mystics to eventually take on the role of thought leaders and political leaders in today’s world. We need more mystics and spiritually evolved souls in polity and leadership positions.

Q: Who is responsible for us: Ourselves or higher powers?

A: Both. The trick is to live from a state of surrender and be a conduit for higher power or the Supreme to work through us, for us. We thus, join hands with the divine and relinquish all ownership of all actions and act as a divine tool.

Q: Can we change our fates? How?

A: There is another quote attributed to Shakespeare: ourselves. Through sheer hard work we can change our fate. Our thoughts create our lives and physical reality. By altering our thoughts process to a more positive and loving state, we can bring about a big change in our lives. By undertaking actions that reflect love, compassion, kindness, forgiveness and service, we can actually bring greater fortune, abundance, happiness, blessings and good health in our lives. 

Q: Do you not think spiritualism is a big thriving business?

A: Please refer to my earlier answers too.

Depends on where you are looking and in whose direction. Some people get into spiritualism with the mind-set of a marketer commonly prevalent in a country like India and in some other parts of the world too, based on my observation. But then India has also seen some great spiritual teachers and this is the reason why India is still considered the spiritual powerhouse for the world. There is spiritual vacuum and people do seek direction, solace and guidance. And there are people who take advantage of the situation grabbing it as a golden opportunity.

I do not think there is anything wrong with running a spiritual enterprise and for a spiritual practitioner to seek a monetary remuneration for his or her services such as healing, mentoring or workshops. The onus of responsibility of course lies on the service provider to be truthful, sincere and pure of intent in doing so. And the onus of responsibility also lies on the service seeker to be discerning enough in selecting the right teacher or spiritual guide. Spirituality has got a negative connotation as people have misused their clout, floundered and flouted the trust bestowed upon them by people. The misuse and misleading of people in the name of spirituality has given it a foul reputation.

Q: Is it not re-packaging hope and assurance in a semi-scientific terminology?

A: Again it is a very subjective opinion. I have no comments on this. Please refer to my earlier answers.

Q: Your broad themes as a writer, photographer and film-maker?

A:  I am naturally attracted to themes of peace, oneness, beauty in mundane, enlightenment, awakening, and love. As a filmmaker the vision of my company Maaya Productions is- enlightened entertainment.

Q: Any message to our readers?

A: I am a part of you as much as you are a part of me. You may see me as your Angel Whisperer but we are one and the same, reflections of each other, connected through eternity. What you see in me lies buried deep within you. Let’s all hold hands and create a happier, healthier, compassionate and peaceful world.

Q: Mani Goel summed up in few sentences for her audiences?

A: I am just an ordinary girl. It’ll be egoistic of me to do any summing up for myself. Hence I leave it to the audience to do so.

Q: Thanks a lot.
A: Thank you.


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Comment That I have tumbled upon this enlightening interview is Providential as it brings a hope in me that distant healing will bring the desired result . With all humility I would like to state that It is Devine Design that I am elected as a conduit to channelise the spiritual or cosmic energy to the needy.Never the less iam doubtful of the efficacy of my prayers and looking for some spiritual guru to guide me through. This interview has dispelled my doubts and strengthened my will. I take it as an epiphany to go ahead in the chosen journey of self discovery . Iam deeply grateful to all those concerned for this spiritual enlightenment.

13-Nov-2014 11:07 AM

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