Concern about Garbage

Aamir Khan presented an informative, educative and socially conscious episode this week through his thorough analysis of India’s biggest problem: garbage.
The program opened with how the collection, disposal and careless mis-management of the solid waste are affecting every place of the country. Once again one could clearly see the greed and corrupt minds of those involved and their ingenious ways of making money from garbage doing nothing except collecting and dumping. This information brought to light the major indifferent attitude of the public and again the inactive governance and the all pervading corruption and money making tendency of this country people.
The need for the segregation of the wet and dry waste and how these will be helpful in converting the same for better purposes were highlighted by the scientists and activists who suggested the various ways by which the tons of garbage could be converted into usable biogas a definite need for the country with ever increasing demands and population.
Tata Institute of Social Science in Mumbai has used the technology developed by the BARC scientist and use the gas generated from their canteen wastes for running their canteen. It is amazing to note that how much the one lakh ton of the country’s garbage if handled properly could be recycled and reused. It also brought great concern that incinerators are considered to be the best solution to dispense with the garbage is an absolutely wrong notion. However, the program did not say anything about the hospital waste which needs a separate treatment.
It was interesting to note that Vellore Srinivasan employed animals to consume the waste from the domestic sector and could be reused as compost and for vermiculture. Dr Vasudevan of Tyagaraja College, Madurai had established a way for laying roads with plastic trash which may be the best way to dispose this indispensable waste.
Pune and Warangal have shown the ways of management of the domestic waste in the best ways through the initiatives of the corporation councilors and willing population.
The program clearly showed how the indifferent and irresponsible attitude of the public and the basic problem of Indian’s corrupt practices prevent any development from forging ahead.
Remarkably, Aamir Khan invited a number of school children for the program and requested them to be more aware on the importance of segregation of the wastes and make their parents realize the need for a safe and clean environment.
If this particular episode could wake up at least a minimum percentage of Indian population from their apathy in the area of cleanliness. We sincerely hope that it will not be as difficult as cleaning Indian Politics. 


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