A Lion Rises from his Lair

There is a clamor out there that gets louder by the minute. Clamor for the strategic genius who managed to provide rocket fuel to the economy of Gujarat. Clamor for the sagacious leader of Gujarat to take the throne, as the ship of state run by the pampered elite has run aground. And clamor to free the country from the vice-like grip of the heartless Congress led UPA. As people clamor, the vile men caught on a looting orgy are still lingering for more loot. They watch with astonished dismay the strongman from Gujarat walking tall as he gets ready to wipe out the decaying relics of the British Raj, out of sight, out of mind and out of the corridors of power.

Meanwhile, for the first time since Independence, the middle class Indians have been forced to set sail from their cozy virtual world to the world of hard reality and tough choices. For the first time they are leaving the world of cricket and Bollywood and their internet driven world, to join the raging waves of discontent plaguing everyone from the half-naked farmer to the brown skinned Englishmen. For in spite of their sheltered world, even they can sense and dread the dark feeling that the poisonous rot from the fish’s head will eventually kill them all.

It has not been easy for the man from Vadnagar to ascend the political Everest. The tottering cabal in power tried every trick in the book to stop him in his tracks. They let loose a media circus which practically morphed into a lynch mob to flog the dead horse of the 2002 riots again and again. And even with the resurrection of the horse by the holy powers of the high command, their paid agents, and the international powers to be, the horse mysteriously still remained dead.

The SIT (Special Investigation Team appointed by the Supreme Court), with their unambiguous verdict giving Modi a clean chit, sent the circling vultures packing into a season of discontent. More skeletons were manufactured, more witnesses were coerced, more human rights agents were sworn in – Ishrat Jahan, Teesta Setalvad, Sanjiv Bhat, Zakia Jafri all fed into the pipeline of Goebellesian propaganda. Astonishingly none of the sold out media even dare breathe about the riots against the Sikhs in 1984, or the Godhra incident in 2002, where over 60 Hindus were burnt alive, or dare to ground the feudal loose cannon which shoots with impunity anyone who breathes about the denied justice for the Sikhs or the Hindus.

Yet, the astute man of the masses sailed through the turbulent waters riding high on the resurgent waves of Nationalism and Governance. For, in spite of firing several bullets of vitriol, none could wish the tremendous growth story of Gujarat away, and the plundering elites soon realized with dismay that their malicious bullets seemed to have the same effect as firing on the Milky Way.

Moving on to the terrain of the Congress, Truth asks a simple question, “What do you see?” – convulsions of the rupee, corruption spreading like a noxious weed sucking the peoples’ blood and mind, young men and women plodding in the wilderness of unemployment, runaway inflation causing rumbling bellies, a snoring economy, the specter of bone-weary masses eking out a living, large scale suicides among farmers, ill equipped army, Marxists running their writ in over a third of India, dead soldier’s families deprived of even a living wage, scams in telecom, coal, defense procurement, ISRO Devas deal, commonwealth games fraud, soaring costs of power, poor roads and infrastructure, a nation that bows to Imperialistic China, lets it soldiers be killed by Pakistan and angles for a date with America. With plunder added to the tune of over 460 billion dollars even surpassing the rapacious Ghazni of yore, can anything get worse than that?

Now on to the terrain of Gujarat of much maligned Modi. You can smell the air here and believe that you are in 2030 India. A few of the most impressive achievements – Swagat a wildly successful e-governance initiative to deal with grievances and which won the United Nations Public Service Award, Sardar Sarovar – world’s longest irrigation canal bringing water to millions of drought-hit farmers, Charanka Solar Field – the largest solar power project in Asia, and Jyoti Gram Yojana - providing 24/7 electricity, roads and phone/internet connections for 18,000 villages over the past 10 years. In addition agricultural production especially in the production of cotton, cereals, pulses, oilseeds, fruits, vegetables, rice, groundnuts, castor and wheat has shown a quantum leap growing at the rate of 9.6% a year, the swank BRTS ferries over 800,000 people daily in the city of Amdavad, Narmada water feeds huge swathes of parched areas of Gujarat and Rajasthan enabling reforestation and plantations, millions of jobs generated due to reforms in power, power generation, coastal developments, and finally Modi’s no-nonsense stance of “minimum government and maximum governance” will ensure that this list will keep growing at a frantic pace.

Many of us are suckers for a rags-to-riches story – about a striving person who made good against all odds. The story has special resonance in America, as leaders proudly proclaim their penniless existence as they landed in Ellis Island after a perilous journey from their famine stricken or repressive homelands. But in class conscious India, people go out of their way to hide their humble origins. And this is even more so in impervious elitist Delhi. An arrogant Mani Shankar Aiyar mocked Narendra Modi's Prime Ministerial ambitions and said a place will be identified for the Gujarat Chief Minister to distribute tea here. “I promise you in 21st Century Narendra Modi will never become the Prime Minister of the country. ...But if he wants to distribute tea here, we will find a place for him,” Aiyar said at the venue of the AICC meeting in New Delhi. Aiyar should first look at the origins of the High command of his own party before deriding Modi’s humble origins as a “chai wallah”. Sonia Gandhi, as per several reports, has not exactly descended from Royalty.

And while he is on his steep learning curve, Aiyar should also refresh his History to realize that revolutions have been sparked from the bottom rungs of society – Russia, China, France, Mexico and many others. It is not education or status or parentage but “an unquenchable fire in the belly” that triggers Historic seismic shifts. Mao-Tse-Tung and Stalin were from poor peasant families with very little education yet they managed to rock the rotten ship of state and steer it resiliently in wild unpredictable seas. Contrary to India, in several parts of the developed world, Modi’s humble origins would be celebrated, not derided, suppressed, or ignored.

The Congress party’s “do anything to win” mindset has thrown National Security to the winds. Arunachal Pradesh and Ladakh writhe with agony every time the Chinese intrude and wreck their lands, but the UPA-Congress is traitorously silent. The North East simmers with anger when they are discriminated, ridiculed and killed in different parts of India, but the center is derisively silent. In a striking contrast to the UPA-Congress hiding behind stuffy desks at Race Course Road, and for a cowardly policy of not offending the dragon, Modi’s thumping endorsement of their security concerns gave life renewing hope to the patriotic people of Arunachal Pradesh. “I swear in the name of this soil that I will never allow the state to disappear, breakdown and to bow down,” Modi said to a thunderous applause by thousands of people gathered near the mighty Siang River.

A man with a bare-knuckled business acumen, Modi, has great plans for the neglected and stagnating North East, home to terror and poverty. Referring to the huge water resources of the region, Modi said it had the potential to be one of the major economic hubs. “North East water resource management is the need of the hour which will not only solve the perennial flood problem, but will also solve the power crisis of the country,” he said. Not only the North East, he values the cultural gold from each state and wants a growth story that would make states equal partners with equal stakes. This is the first time that a National leader has spoken of equality with states. It did not happen during the rule of the haughty Mughals, nor the British and certainly not since the vain Congress after Independence.

Even though his wings were clipped by vehement attacks on his persona, he created facts on the ground that brought Governance to the fore. A suppressed land found its voice through Modi, and dared to battle the ruthless congress. However, the wily Congress did not give up and played a deadly game of villainy through Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) party. Anarchists to the core, their single point agenda seemed to be to inject menace into the campaign and create a mammoth spin cycle to turn the tide of the campaign from corruption of the congress to a witch hunt targeting Modi. Many of AAP members are Marxist sympathizers whose penchant for violence is well known and which they will no doubt use in the polling venues.

Faced with the choice of rule or ruin, the congress bloodhounds hot on the scent of eliminating the Modi threat, will engineer a few more dirty tricks which will be unleashed to scuttle the rise of a people and a nation. Hopefully, a sleeping population will become aware of the true facts, awaken and rise above caste, community, race, and religion and vote for Nationalism, Governance, Prosperity and a national policy that generates respect from the world.

When evil men can form a formidable force to loot and plunder, it is imperative that the silent majority close ranks and rally behind the last of the generals who is taking on the system. Opportunity is a lazy Goddess who comes rarely. Therefore, this is one election where keeping still is not an option. Either we give our shoulder to the man who orchestrated the historic change, or be forever doomed to an existence under a slavish myopic elite controlled by a global grid of foreign powers. Make the right call, people, for the sake of your children and grandchildren.


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Comment MODIfication is the only solution

Harjinder Cheema
15-Apr-2014 07:10 AM

Comment Thank you Mr Ramachandran for your comments. I agree its time we had a change for the better. The Congress should go and never come back. Best wishes and regards. Aneeta Chakrabarty

Aneeta Chakrabarty
12-Apr-2014 19:16 PM


09-Apr-2014 01:30 AM

Comment Thank you John for your comments and solidarity with all of us in the new tsunami of national fervor. As you say, let us hope Modi wins resoundingly which will lift us out of this quagmire. You being a Christian is especially welcome as the new administration will need all the nationalists in the land to join hands and build a New and prosperous India. Best wishes and regards. Aneeta

Aneeta Chakrabarty
29-Mar-2014 12:02 PM

Comment Madam Aneeta,

I am with you like millions of others who want to see Modi in the saddle and our rulers since independence and their sins too washed away in a tsunami of popular will. Pray it happens. I am born to parents who called themselves Christians because they too had similar births. But, I am an Indian foremost who likes to see Modi triumph, for only he repeat he can deliver us out of the current quagmire we are in, no matter what farting Farhats foresee. Jai Hind.

Rian John
27-Mar-2014 17:11 PM

Comment Thank you Jeti and Paul Sayal for your encouraging comments. Even if one person gets the message, I feel very happy.
To Mr. Pranlal Sharma:
People who have the gold make the rules. Power can bypass laws. Only if people are aware they can counter it. Also at this time, I believe there are many who glare at Modi with their knives drawn and he's safer in India. Just my two cents. Thanks for your comment.
Best wishes and regards to everyone- Aneeta

Aneeta Chakrabarty
27-Mar-2014 00:33 AM

Comment "Haq ko baatil se chhupakar kab talak bach paega'
jhoot - sach ka faisla maula tujhe dikhlaega ".

False trails, truth prevails....just wait & see !

Farhat Farooqui
26-Mar-2014 23:38 PM


26-Mar-2014 09:45 AM

Comment It is too late to examine the story.
Modi had a visa to USA. But it was suddenly denied without going into process of law. It was undemocratic action taken by USA immigration Department. Ironically we all have been silent over this high handed action.
Indian National Congress even glossed over the action instead of opposing it.This is its flip side.Even Great Britain and European Powers have come to their senses and have invited untouchable Narendra Modi. It is not too late to challenge this high handed action. Can we not go to UN for a cause of Justice
to secure the right of due process of law. WAKE UP.
Publicize this before election ends.
Let all Bharatvasi know this and vote for BJP to be able to amend the past deed.

Pranlal Sheth
23-Mar-2014 18:06 PM

Comment A good presentation.

23-Mar-2014 12:10 PM

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