Corruption in India

Dead Horse flogged with a Different Stick

To be frank, I was not interested in writing anything on the episode of ‘Satyamev Jayate’ this week. Because talking on corruption in India is like flogging a dead horse. Aamir as an expert showman presented the often discussed, beaten to death corruption in Indian polity and administration at all levels. The media constantly jabber us with the Himalayan heights of corrupt practices in India and the Herculean tasks to prove them and punish anyone connected. Do the perpetrators ever get punished?
According to the analysts, activists and thinkers each Indian is worth one crore rupees. It is nice to hear for this statement for entertainment purpose and theoretical extrapolations. But, what happens in India is wealth has always been garnered by a few and a section of people had always been suffering. In a democracy anything can happen. A beggar can become a king and a king can become a pauper, again theoretically.
But, in practical life what one faces is entirely different.
The country which boasts of culture lacks integrity. It is we who allowed so many parties to flourish in the name religion and caste exploiting the vulnerability of the people. And, to a great extent, the majority of the population is not that ignorant and innocent about what is happening around. They vote them out and bring them back if they like.
Basically I find an average Indian is greedy. A few of the speakers expressed it candidly. While every human has to think of just future, our country men think of future’s future. They are so fond of pelf that they make gold throne studded with diamonds and sit on them. They own palatial homes just for a few people. The amass wealth like mad. It is that he feels at least two to three generations of his wards should be rich and happy with enough funds, properties and gold.
So today money makes and unmakes things. Whether RTI is there or not, whether activists speak or not whether we question or not, those who are in the power and administration act according to their personal interests. The guilty are never punished by law. If a government which is found to be corrupt is voted out of power, we feel happy that they are punished. Are they really? It has been mentioned in Andhra and Kerala only a group of people are active and eliminated corruption. A few thousands awakening has no value in a land of millions of people.
We are responsible for many things happening around us. Last week, we saw in Aamir’s show on how even garbage fetches wealth for a group of people. No wonder other real wealth is squandered by those in power and position.
India is an enigma. No government or leader could change them. We can only wish let the honesty and integrity start at home. Until then even there are a thousand ‘Satymev Jayate’, episodes we will just see, enjoy, laugh, cry, sing and go back home to our world of corruption and greed.


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