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Mystic Warrior: A Poetic Novel

‘Mystic Warrior : A Poetic Novel’ by Balram Cheruparambil is a fictional first person tale in poetry form about an orphan young man working as an errand boy, who finds himself destined to be the saviour of this world gone all wrong. On a rainy, breezy and dark  evening, he strays into the ‘haunted’ mansion on Thronton’s Hill, described thus:

There was only one place that I dared not go,
Thronton’s Hill was avoided by all those in the know,
There was a deserted mansion on top of that hill,
It looked haunted and brimming with ill will.

And from here, begins the epic saga of his encounters with Mathiast, the vampire forebodingly haunting the mansion on Thornton's Hill, who makes it amply clear to the young man that he is the “chosen one” to fight the evils of this world and that there was no more an exit route for him from the haunted mansion and the mission! The ghost of the powerful sorcerer Thebos the Greek takes over the body and soul of the young man who undergoes a rigorous training under Mathiast and Nanda in warfare techniques to become the ‘Mystic Warrior’ who fights the ‘demons’ of this world. The orphan lad’s partnership and encounters with Nafrees, the princess described thus, is an interesting aside in this epic fantasy saga:

Nanda said, “Nafrees is the princess of the elves
For the battle ahead, sh has volunteered herself.
She has magics and archery skills unsurpassed
The magic stemming from nature’s reservoir vast.”

In the Epilogue,

Thebos looked down on the kingdom strong,
This time nothing would go wrong,
He would anoint himself as a god,
As over the earth he would lord.

However,  Thebos who has left the young man injured and dying on the battlefield, opens the gateway for a sequel to this poetic novel thus:

He suddenly remembered the lad on the hill,
The wounds had been severe and sure to kill,
But why then did he feel a prickle of fear?
As if the fates did at his plans sneer.

This is summer vacation time, a good time to present your kids a copy of the exhilarating thriller fantasy  ‘Mystic Warrior’ and a very good way to initiate them into poetry as also yourself! This is one book that caters to all ages and all tastes – the lure lies in the simplicity and lucidity with which a gripping epic tale has been unfolded by Balram Cheruparambil in great poetic style and substance.

An Engineer and Management Professional by vocation and a poet by passion, Balram is all set to “buck the trend and rewrite the rules” of poetry. ‘Mystic Warrior’ amply demonstrates hiss creative genius and innovation.

This summer, travel to the fantasy world of magic and mystery,  demons and angels, and the sorcerers of Egyptian Pharaohs and the vampires, with the ‘Mystic Warrior’ created by Balram Cherumparambil in well rhymed, riveting and racy quatrains !

‘The Mystic Warrior’  is a 1984 American TV movie about a band of Sioux and the efforts of one man to save his people from destruction through the use of mysterious powers handed down by ancestors. ‘Mystic Warrior’ by Balram Cheruparambil bears not even a remote resemblance to this.

Book Information:

Name   :  Mystic Warrior : A Poetic Novel
Author :   Balram Cheruparambil
ISBN   :   978-81-7273-810-5
Price   :   Rs. 195/- (USD 8)
Publisher : AuthorsPress, New Delhi
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