A Nation of Criminals: Satyamev Jayate

One cannot but feel frustrated after watching the concluding episode of ‘Satyamev Jayate’ which highlighted the criminalization of the Indian Democracy. How the elected representatives of this country and the custodians of the law go for illegal ways to safeguard themselves. The show also presented the macabre fate of an honest political leader Ajit Sircar in Bihar whose body was riddled with 107 bullets by his opponents. The man who perpetrated the crime had been acquitted by the High Court after 14 years.  Probably, he has to wait for the justice from the ‘God’.
The whole Indian society and the public have turned self centered and greedy. The political parties who exhibit their capacity of stalling the proceedings in the parliament or assembly come together in unity when it comes to the question of revealing the criminal cases pending on them to the public. Because an analyst from Washington says that in India, if the contestant is a delinquent, his chances of winning the hustings is three fold!
But, who cares? If the politicians are hooligans, the public are opportunists. The political ruffians throw crumbs for these people by way of money, biryani and liquor or even television, or painting the building free of cost and loots a bigger sum.
Caste system is the biggest vote grosser is nothing but a matter of shame. Public can be bribed and police and courts can be maimed by power and force is curse of this nation. We use democracy in all possible wrong ways to do live a life of indiscipline. There are only a few in this blessed country who want to work, earn honestly and live with dignity. The majority look only for short cuts and immediate achievements.
These five episodes by Aamir Khan on Rape, the inept police, garbage, corruption and finally the criminality of Indian politics make us think seriously whether this nation got the independence to be indisciplined and immoral or grow and develop. True, India has grown in several areas but at the same time touched the abysmal depths of anarchy.
Obviously, the mistake and wrongs are not outside. It is within us…..Sad!



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