Satyamev Jayate; An Oxymoron in India

I appreciate Aamir Khan for bringing some of the grey and darker shades of the Indian society through his program ‘Satymev Jayate’. He, I understand, doing it with a purpose of bringing awareness among the public and common men about how murky our police forces are, how bad our government officials are and how criminal our political bosses are. With all the depressing incidents and experiences shown in this program I doubt any young, promising Indian would prefer to own this country, leave alone whether he wants to work for this nation.
The last episode takes the cake. The politicians of India are highly corrupt and criminal. The public too are equally proficient in that area by either keeping quiet or taking money for voting or some small momentary benefits. Earlier, he showed how the nation’s wealth is being looted by individuals with just muscle and political power. He even got people to explain how garbage also could bring wealth to a certain section of people. He demonstrated how the police force is misused by the political bosses and what sort of testing situations they have to work and live. The first episode once again presented the unsafe conditions and ruthless laws prevail in India to harass women and rape victims.
Do they bring any cheer in our minds? Do they give any young man or woman to take a vow to change the situation which has spread like cancer? Does any future generation come forward to do good so that his body could be a target for hundreds of bullets or life terminated silently? Above all, these miscreants and felons go without punishments.
None in this world wants to lead a life of fear and misery; more especially in India where the majority of them are concerned about their own family as family and lineage which are given great importance in this culture.
We, the people, directly or indirectly contribute to all these maladies. The media seems to have a field day in flashing each and every illegal act in the name of investigation and sting operations. There is nothing wrong in bringing the darker sides of the society, but those who indulge in such activities are ever get punished? Indian courts undoubtedly are partial and all powerful political leaders could either interfere or ignore the judgments of even the Supreme Court. Besides, we have a queer and weird human right activists who immediately take cudgels even in favor of the guilty.

I found a lot of youngsters sitting and watching the shows. Imagine what sort of impression they will get about their country? Do they feel that they should give their brain and heart for this nation where neither the leaders nor the public has any qualms in cheating and bullying to perpetuate themselves in power? Democracy is a double edged sword. And in India it is a misnomer. It has been used as weapon to hit the unprotected. The courts and police are there to show the rules only to the helpless to harass and punish them. The power centers are protected by the same law makers and law enforcements.
Indian politics and public life has become a dirty quagmire. We want to live gregariously violating all rules and laws. I am very sure no sane, brainy, thinking Indian youth will prefer to stay, work and uplift this nation.
The truth is bitter. But, that is what is happening. As a teacher for more than 3 decades I personally found those youth who go abroad more in the present day situations prefer to continue there instead of coming back for a life of crimes, dirt, cheating and squalor. If they do, they have to be either angels or fools.
Our cultural and philosophical ambassadors to other countries also use that as a profession to earn fame and money in foreign currencies. Have they influenced anyone to come back to India to settle and cleanse her? Instead they use their power for more visits and more popularity abroad.



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