Life before this life. Sounds strange however it could be possible if you believe in reincarnation. Reincarnation is the rebirth of a soul in a new body. When a person dies, his body disintegrates but he lives on in a new body. People who believe in reincarnation say that you have had many lives before your present life and will have many lives after your present life. Though it is not certain that reincarnation is true, certain phenomenon's are best explained only by the theory of reincarnation.

Poverty, crime, pain and suffering plays is a part of all our lives in some way or another. Ever questioned as to why these things exist? Why is there so much evil in this world? Why do innocent people suffer? God as we know it is all-good and all-powerful, then why are little children suffering from poverty and hunger? This can be explained by the Hindu's belief in Karma. The idea of karma states that one suffers because he is being punished for his past sins. Therefore, if a 2-year-old has a deadly disease, the child is paying for all his wrongful acts from his past life. God is all-good; therefore he would not bring evil into the world and tolerate the suffering of innocent people unless they deserved to be punished.

Critics can argue this point and say that the reason an innocent child is born with a deadly disease is because maybe his mother drank and abused drugs during her pregnancy. The child suffers due to his mother's actions not his own. Critics can also say that if parents of an innocent child are poor and homeless then their child too will be born in a homeless environment. 

Again, this would not be the child's fault. The child would suffer because of his parent's circumstances. God works in mysterious ways, right? Well, since God is all-powerful, He would be able to destroy the deadly disease from an infant and as stated before He would not tolerate the suffering of an innocent person. Since God does not destroy evil from the world, it's safe to say that people who suffer deserve to suffer because they are paying for a sin they committed in their previous life. 

The feeling of déjà vu has been felt by almost everyone. You walk into a room for the very first time and you get this strange feeling in the pit of your stomach that you have been there before. 

People are convinced that they feel they have visited a place before but they can swear it was not in their present lifetime. How can the feeling of déjà vu be explained? It's simple, they are remembering an experience from there past lives. Therefore, proving that reincarnation is true and it really exists.

People who object to the argument say that people who experience déjà vu are not remembering experiences from their former lives. Critics say, that you can also get the feeling of déjà vu by seeing the place in a photograph or seeing something similar to it. Sure, it is likely that people could get the feeling of déjà vu by seeing a picture of that particular place. But can this theory explain all the cases? Not every situation can be explained by simply saying the person saw a photograph or saw another place that was similar to it. When people feel they have visited a particular place before, some people are actually recalling memories from their past life, and that is why they get such an intense and queer feeling. 

People have memories of their former life. Some people have flashbacks of their former life. People who are against reincarnation say that these memories are false. But how can one say they are false? There have been situations where people actually remember names of villages and people from their past life. Sounds interesting? Well it is and that's why there have been studies done on these types of cases. How could a 4-year-boy remember explicit details about a village he never in his life visited? How could all the things he recalled come out to be true? 

Reincarnation is not a joke. People have actually witnessed others recall facts from their past life. If a person remembers experiences from before he was born, then he had a life before his present life.

The proofs for or against reincarnation depend on what one is willing to count as evidence. I believe reincarnation answers many questions and explains the many happenings of the world and it's people. What do you think?


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Comment Reincarnation is true and at the same time it's not true. It depends on the level of existence you happen to be experiencing. Since the Builder of Worlds is ubiquitous, all-seeing and all-powerful, there can't be anything in a future time for It, since future events are by definition unknowable, which means that at a certain level of being everything is simultaneous, which means that there is no causality (no cause and the ensuing effect), but merely a simulation in which, at our level, makes it look like everything issues from a previous event. Infinitesimal instants have been placed side by side, so to speak, in the Realm of Time, like thin slices of cheese, or one on top of the other, piled up like the layers of a sandwich, in order to give the impression of the flow of time.

Also, in that realm we are constantly feeling the influence of our apparent past and future lives because they're already there somewhere (the Akashic Records?), and have always been there, and their essence percolates through the series of endless instants. It seems reasonable to think that the influence is felt the strongest from the lives that are "nearest" to the "present" time, both backwards and forward. (People belonging to a certain "primitive" tribe use the same word for "yesterday" and "tomorrow", as though they had a clue about this.)

The premise or starting point for this reasoning is the existence of an all-seeing Builder with everything under control, so that the reasoning falls apart if you believe in a fallible Builder because in that case It, too, would be immersed in time.

Supposing that the initial concept were sound, then reincarnation and karma would also be part of the simulation, and so merely an illusion. What happens to us would have to have a PSYCHOLOGICAL explanation: our circumstances are the adequate ones according to our character. Ultimately, character is like a whim from the Beyond, and part of a maybe neverending Novel or Movie. We're going nowhere. We're like trapped in a tiny part of a Whole that has always existed, a tile in a limitless mosaic.

"Déjà vu" is not a matter of remembering past lives because it's feeling that a few seconds of the present time are something already gone through, and precisely those seconds. For example, first you take a look at a picture on the wall, then you turn around and see the garden through an open window, then someone makes a comment, then you smell the soup that's being cooked in the kitchen, and it's all something you already lived through. It would be proof that everything is simultaneous. Maybe it happens when you step out of Time and recognize those few seconds as what they are: something that was always there.

Daniel Rey M.
02-Oct-2013 13:54 PM

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