Brahmins and India

Brahmins in present India are living as Jews in Germany were under Hitler's rule. Because of their insignificant number of votes and misconceptions about their "role" in creating and perpetuating caste system for their advantage, they are a highly neglected lot. In south India the negligence is more pronounced as the numbers are highly negligible and ridiculously low. And every other caste people are demanding the political parties and Governments under caste name for special treatment to them. And all political parties and governments are obliging them. We all know what is the reason. Yes, it is the large number of votes that particular caste or community holds.

Added to it Brahmins are also are criticized and blamed for all social ills of India. All political parties, governments and citizens are very beneficially using and exploiting caste divisions for gaining upper hand in the society, nation and governance. Still they talk against Brahmins and Brahmanism for caste system origin.

Even though one like me dislikes talking in terms of castes, like this, the atmosphere and environment is contaminated and polluted by the caste fundamentalism being practiced by all selfish political leaders and criminal minded and corrupt, "rationalists", Dravidian ideology AND LIKE anti-Brahmin and Brahmanism "movements" for selfish interests, dynasty politics, nepotism; detrimental to the development of society and nation and its respectful place in the comity of nations; and at the same time blame Brahmins for creation of caste divisions.

This is highly objectionable and must be outright dismissed. For all the dastardly things happening around us in our society and nation in government, conduct of parties, financial and moral irregularities, and crimes, Brahmanism is having nothing to do. This must be realized by every one who wants to make Brahmanism responsible for all problems of India.

Brahmanism has asked to treat all other women as your mother. It is psychological education inculcated in the minds of males to check their behavior towards females. But every one laughs at tradition and even useful instructions available there. Like that many useful advices are so many in ancient Indian culture, social and civilization system. But none is interested in using and practicing them. And many pseudo intellectuals have mushroomed and are dominating the cultural, social, and civilization space and its progress. no one knows where they are leading the nation and society.

And no one really knows how caste system has originated and evolved in India. The blame is squarely put on Brahmins and Brahmanism without objective historical scrutiny. And the politicians and vested citizens are using caste divisions to divide and rule and to simultaneously use, abuse and criticize and get benefited undeserving. And still blame Brahmanism for its creation.

This hypocrisy and double standards of all the popular, famous and concerned persons with politics and governance and financial and criminal systems is responsible for the distressing situation in India; and not and never Brahmins or Brahmanism.

Every politician can get away however blasphemously he speaks, utters all filth, and makes statements of most uncultured and uncivilized still nothing could be done to punish them.

This is another blemish in Indian democracy as it is unable to punish the corrupt, the practitioners of divisive politics and sub-nationality-drunken ideologists.

These fellows are responsible for all the troubles of all the citizens. None of them says they will implement the schemes which will provide drinking water to the people; 24 hours power, nice roads, good transport facilities and the like deeds which will be useful to all citizens.

But these demons in the form of politicians only promise divisions so that we remain divided and fight one another.

And they always blame Brahmanism for all troubles of Indians. Great democratic practices.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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