A Woman's Point of View

Little use there is in contesting the fact that man is superior to woman in physical power: more muscles, taller stature, broader shoulders, stouter and sinewy. His prowess is proven in the brave progress he has made down the ages, hunting for food, cultivating for better living, conquering territories for more power. He has made good advantage of the new avenues of knowledge opening before him. He explored untiringly into the regions of science and technology. In short pages of history remember him as the ruler, achiever and savior with great physical and intellectual strength. He is seen to be born to govern, to protect and dominate. A chauvinism has grown on him making him look arrogantly despotic.

Woman seen as a lesser version with tender makeup of physique and delicate features has been allotted a shaded place in the background, a safe shelter in home looking after the appetites and needs of the mighty man, delivering his progeny and bringing them up. Keeping the hearth warm and cozy has been her primary if not the only duty.

On the surface it does not sound fair to the fair sex. Denying them the chance to excel, to contend with her counterpart in all the planes of his activity has dawned lately as a shocking revelation to the newly emancipated woman. Viewing it as an injustice and a challenge she is up in arms parading all her acumen and capabilities. She has come out to the world arena to prove her mettle and merit.

Such a development of her going overboard to prove her potentiality has landed us in a new environment of unheard of, unhealthy lifestyles and moral concepts. Roles are changed. Priorities are revised. Families split up. Divorces increase. Old age homes, cr'ches and orphanages have come to stay as inevitable facilities. The very essence and color of womanhood has started to change.

There is no harm in education, in being intelligent, in being enterprising, in enlightened emancipation. But much harm is done to our once peaceful, happy familial system because of many of the modern myths and misconceptions about gender discrimination and slavery of women.

The worst myth is that man is superior and woman is inferior. Physical power does not decide superiority. Man and woman being complementary physically, emotionally and morally there is no scope for comparison. One does not exist without the other. They are interdependent. Together their life is whole and meaningful. Each have their own duties, roles and responsibilities.

Motherhood is a unique role allotted to woman. A special gift of Nature. To be able conceive a life, carry it in the womb, to deliver it at the ordained time, to suckle it with her own milk, to watch the toddler grow to an adult with growing pride is a dedication and devotion only a mother is capable of. Man has neither a womb nor the experience of gestation, the supreme experience of a bit of godliness. At birth the umbilical cord is severed, it is true. But does not the maternal instinct follow to the tomb? Is there anything comparable to it in this world?

The superiority of woman, then, clearly lies in her motherly nature. Let us strive to preserve it, save it from all cultural invasions and lifestyle changes. May women vow to revere motherhood on this memorable day which was born to celebrate winning decent, respectable working conditions for women! Dignity of mankind is entrusted with women and women only. 


More by :  Pavalamani Pragasam

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