Curious Censorship of Modi!

Both the BJP and media channels have created a big song and dance about the government exerting influence over the Doordarshan (DD) TV channel to edit an interview given to it by Mr. Mr. Narendra Modi. All attention is directed to the deletion by DD of Mr. Modi’s remark that he considered Mrs. Priyanka Vadra as his daughter. Mrs. Vadra heightened attention to this remark by her adverse retort. However, deliberately or otherwise this trivial exchange has only succeeded in diverting attention from the really significant remarks by Mr. Modi also deleted in the interview that are being glossed over.

Earlier Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and others had alleged secret collusion between the BJP and Congress. Indeed, the main burden of Mr. Kejriwal’s criticism against both national parties focused on this aspect for which he highlighted the alleged role of Reliance industries in patronizing both parties. In his DD interview Mr. Modi made startling claims that could be construed to vindicate Mr. Kejriwal’s criticism. This portion of the interview was also deleted by DD. That is the significant aspect of the interview and its censorship that should merit attention.

Mr. Modi in his interview said: “I have good personal relations with Mr. Ahmed Patel. I used to eat at his place. It is only nowadays that finds it difficult to talk, doesn’t even pick up the phone. We used to call him Babubhai earlier, but since we can’t call him that in public, so Mian Patel.”

Mr. Ahmed Patel issued a rejoinder and claimed that he had only once shared a meal with Mr. Modi many years ago, which fact had been conveyed to late Rajiv Gandhi and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. He said that he had not once conversed with Mr. Modi for many years. He made no reference of course to the fact that his political protégé, Ms Asifa Khan, who continues to laud Mr. Patel as her mentor to whom she remains committed, joined the BJP two years ago to become the party’s prominent Muslim spokesperson on TV after being personally recruited by Mr. Modi.

It is intriguing what led Mr. Modi who rarely gives TV interviews to display such candour to, of all channels, the government owned DD channel. The curious aspect is that earlier it was the BJP which was embarrassed most by alleged proximity to the Congress. Now it seems that it is the other way round. Mr. Modi is flaunting his proximity to the Congress which is distancing itself from the BJP.

Among the many puzzles created by the conspiracy-infected prevalent political culture, this is one more puzzle. Could Mr. Modi’s disclosure of his claimed proximity to Mr. Patel indicate changing electoral fortunes? Is there a perception now that the anti-incumbency-pro-Modi wave is beginning to falter?


More by :  Dr. Rajinder Puri

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Comment Mr Puri,

I was a great admirer of your articles few years back. But lately, I've been reading them less and less. And every time I come back to read your article, I am disappointed. I think you have not gauged Modi as a person and as a phenomena correctly.

Suggestion is, get realistic. Modi, single handedly, has changed the way journalism used to work in this country. No more speculations and who said what. Get on the ground and bring the documentary proofs about collusion between BJP/Congress. AK49 is the last person this country can trust.

Mahesh Melag
05-May-2014 23:57 PM

Comment It is indian culture that Mr modi calls prianka Gandhi as his own daughter even though she is in the opposite camp, but prianka wo'nt understand this due to her western upbringing.

satpal amar
04-May-2014 15:07 PM

Comment What is wrong if a political leader of 64 refers to a political adeversary of 40 "like my daughter". Priyanka rightly said that I am the daughter of Rajiv Gandhi. In modern democracy media plays quite often a very dirty role, distorting what is actually said, putting often words in peoples' mouths, and harassing public figures because they are so vulnerable. Bytes must be made to earn their living. Supposing Modiji does feel for Priyanka affectionately, even if she is a political adversary, what is wrong in it? If Srinivasan can be blamed for his son-in-law in IPL, must a political adeversary has to be hated? I think it is the duty of every citizen to express restraint. Politicians are not as bad as a common selfish citizen. Sounds odd? If you logic, it is not really untrue. A common person makes a politician hate. A politician is a very very vulnerable person! Think carefully. You will agree.

Sharbaaniranjan Kundu
04-May-2014 12:38 PM

Comment I have not watched the interview of Mr. Modi on DD.

But this is what the impression I create from the points elaborated in this article:

That Mr. Modi said he considers Priyanka as his daughter, if publicly aired, would only raise public respect and widen his acceptance. Rather than perceiving this from angel of proximity to congress, this should be looked from the angle of popularity gain. Even congress cupporters will accept Mr. Modi in their subconscious mind if he makes such comments.

That Mr. Modi claimed he had good personal relations with Mr. Ahmed Patel and that they ate together would only add to positive image creation among Muslims, so this should be viewed from angle of gaining popularity than some idiot making truthful remarks that would harm him in public life.

That Mr. Modi made startling claims that could be construed to vindicate Mr. Kejriwal’s criticism - should be viewed form the angle that this is to create an image of a clean and open person, who could be trusted, who would not hide issues behind the wall. this is again to create a good public image.

And the Congress got these portions deleted from the video just to prevent Modi gaining from these above points.

Dinesh Kumar Bohre
03-May-2014 08:05 AM

Comment Mr. Puri, you are completely wrong. There is no need to bring Ahmed Patel
in election arena who is always a Congressional from Broach. Know Mrs.
Asifa Khan what she did two years before election. It is then anti present
government wave has started in favour of Modi. DD has been doing many
cuts. God is all mighty.

pranlal sheth
02-May-2014 22:36 PM

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