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of The Ballad of the Bleeding Bubbles

Dr Ratan Bhattacharjee's The Ballad of the Bleeding Bubbles is a collection of poems that are creatively imaginative bubbles which bleed heart. With poems on variegated themes it is a story from the heartupsurging for heart to heart communication along with insights, intutions and sensitized sensibilities. In these poems ,he has tried to make every word emotive-a right word is  employed for an exact movin g emotion. Eye of the heart has done its work leaving it to the lovers of poetry to do large hearted justice to this debut collection.

Love, includes universal values , being the highest  foundational emotion for any other feeling. It  is developed  by coding and decoding picturesque images,metaphors from day today life to make it postmodern in its true sense. The two sections melody and malady weave  a sea of Nature images in which the emotive tides rise and fall exhibiting changes in the phases of heart's moon --- at times  full and sometimes incomplete so the reader can also experience the same rise and fall  along with him.Here in lies the success of his poetry.

In his poetry he talks of legends, touch, promises, rainbow, facebook, cellphone, relationships,beauty,colours, flowers,humanity,Almighty thus  making it a perfect bouquet of love poems . The secrets of heart and fancy -fed relieving relief is unravelled to give life to the mysteries of creation and truth of love which forms the substratum of the poems. The poems appeal to the eye and ear alike leaving an impact that is pleasurable as well as illuminating.


More by :  Dr. Sonia Singh Khuswah

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