Modi-fication of India

Vini Vidi Vici- He came , he saw , he conquered.Mr. Narendra Modi, the Hero of Indian Politics and no more the Villain of Gujarat Communal Riots .The Villain of India Yesterday is the Hero of India Today. Modi-fication of the Nation has come its full circle as people look back in anger at the rotten Congress and not so much at Gujarat riots which is seen now as an accident or a mistake. To err is human, to forgive is divine. The same crocodile of Gujarat Riots has been shown again and again. The same story has been retold by Congress and the Leftist leaders in all the earlier elections in containing the Modi wave. But this time the anti- communal lollypop did not work.

Indian electorate found in none other than Modi their Champion mostly for Economic revival. What Modi did in Gujarat is now a myth , people want him to do it once again all over the country: ‘To strive , to seek , to find and not to yield to inflation, devaluation of rupee and rocketing price rise and many such other problems. Narendra Modi is now the only Man of Action,not even Advani , not even any other BJP leader who shouted Ramrajya or Ram Mandir. Modi, Modi, Modi – he created a political Tsunami for the corrupt Congress which is going to be washed out from public memory for the coming years.

The Indian General Election 2014 seems to contains no stunt in itself when the Congress government produced the image of a sinking ship with the very much inexperienced pilot giving way to the emergence of a villain of Indian communal politics turning hero overnight.This is mostly like a Shakespearean play staged where the villain of yesterday turns a hero only today. There are many tragedies of Shakespeare where a hero -turned -villain gives us a marvellous dramatic moment of thrill.

Advani wanted to conquer the Indian mind with his Ram Rath, but Mr Modi ,the man condemned for years as the villain of communal riots in the land of Mahatma Gandhi, Modi ,‘the life long member of quasi martial Hindu nationalist movement’ mesmerized India by his spell of performances as a man of action who is capable of giving rosy promises of economic revival which India badly needs at this critical juncture. The Manmohan Singh Government which opened the gate to Open Market and introduced globalization by surrendering to Capitalist economy and nearly selling the country to America could not show the way out of economic impasse. Today all of us realize that support for Modi was not a media- made storm but a real Aaandhi for Congress. Indian General Election is the greatest show on earth the limelight of which is stolen by Narendra Modi with the rosy promise of economic revival.

In the yesteryears ,Rupee has started soaring. The wave of foreign investment is prompted. The Indian Stock Market will reach a record height.All these may be seen against the scenario where the growth recently slowed to 5 per cent . The malaise during the Congress regime includes energy bottlenecks , excessive regulations and strangulating corruption. ‘My real thought is toilets first , temples later’- was Modi’s slogan when the Congress projected Prime Ministerial candidate played the role of Dalit saviour with dull rhetorics and ridiculous antics only to fail miserably in this election. The man condemned for autocratic style of functioning won the laurels. The Obama government will repent its decision not to give US visa to Modi who will now dictate the fate of 100 crores of Indians.People are not much worried today if the religious tensions will be exacerbated or the robust democracy of the country will undergo erosion, because people know at least one great thing happened that Indian political culture is resistant to any kind of religious fundamentalism , it is resilient enough to combat the extremist forces of communalism. Here India still differs largely from Pakistan.

The charismatic and hard charging Mr.Narendra Modi promises big changes for India. The ineffectual Congress government has beaten its luminous wings in the void and one glamorous Priyanka or one theatrical Rahul could not save the Humpty Dumpty from having the great fall.All Rahul’s yuba shakti could not put Humpty Dumpty together again. The old nearly voiceless Manmohan Singh is sidelined long ago, the family dynasty lost its magic spell on the national psyche. The victory in the election is now performance based. Sound and fury signifies nothing. Tomorrow and tomorrow Mr. Modi who overshadowed even the Iron Man of his own party ,L;K. Advani, is going to dictate the fate of 100 crores of Indian people .

Now the billion rupee questions are : Will Mr. Modi be able to give us a tough , practical and corruption free record of economic management? Will he succeed in ensuring smart investments in infracstructure, business –friendly policies and openness to foreign capital without affecting the people below poverty line? The challenges are more than this. There are a destabilizing Pakistan and a less neighbourly neighbor China. Terrorism is a huge issue to be combated. But the biggest challenge is still the ‘Unity in Diversity’ where the man from the RSS strongholds and with RSS mantra in his heart will have to rule a nation where Hinduism , Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism were born which is the second largest Muslim nation on Earth as well and where Christianity existed for 2000 years and the Jewish synagogues are the oldest since the Romans had burnt their second temple and where the Dalail Lama and the Tibetan Government in exile reside and finally where the Persians live with great hopes and sense of security.The Million Rupee Question is now why AAP fails to accept the challenge against corruption because that question contains the answer why Modi emerged as the New Messiah for the Nation.


More by :  Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee

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Comment Thanks Shamik. for your comments. I love to share it with young people like you.

18-May-2014 10:01 AM

Comment Thanks Shamik. for your comments. I love to share it with young people like you.

18-May-2014 10:01 AM

Comment A frank and contextual analysis of the LOK SABHA ELECTION 2014 with literary anecdotes..I couldn't move my eyes off till the last...great article!

Shamik Bhattacharya
16-May-2014 14:29 PM

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