Misr Carsisi or Egyptian Bazaar of Istanbul

Initially known as New Bazaar this Egyptian Bazaar (Turkish name:Misr Carsisi) of Istanbul got its name Egyptian because the New Mosque foundation got funds from the Ottoman Eyalet (Province) of Egypt in 1660, to build this market.

The Bazaar was constructed around 1665 and is a part of the Mosque Kulliye(complex). There are 85 shops selling spices, saffron, jewellery, dry fruit, nuts, and the most important Turkish delight(sweet).

The Bazaar also sells varied variety of Tea, in all its forms viz black tea, Rose tea, herbal tea, dried tea brought from the all tea growing countries like India, Kenya, Sri Lanka, South America etc. 

The structure of the Bazaar was designed by court architect Koca Kasmim Agha but the construction began under the supervision of another Ottoman Empire architect Mustafa Aga.It was built by Sultan Mehmed IV for his mother Vallide(Walida) Sultana Turhan Hatice.

In spite of almost 400 years of its existence, the Bazaar looks clean, well maintained and sprite. The things exhibited are well presented and the owners of the shops who are renters are themselves  polite and transparent. Haggling is prevalent and it is upto the buyer how much he can bargain

The Bazaar is located in the downtown area of Istanbul, close to the famous mosques of Istanbul and is a part of the Asian Istanbul. It is an international bazaar and one can see buyers and tourists with their cameras, webcams, iphones looking at each of the beautiful stores. It is cool inside away from the heat of Istanbul in summers.Overall the bazaar is a visual delight.

 We were here on June 18, 2014. Besides this Bazaar there are other Bazaars in Istanbul like Grand Bazaar and Arasta Bazaar. All Bazaars deserve a visit.They have a history and a culture of their own.


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