Cultural Values and Economic Values

Commerce, Business Management, Micro- and Macro- Economics, Trade, Financial investments, Corporate-centered and like money, industry- related topics have high jacked the thoughts and minds of many a modern citizen and governments. But the other main production-oriented activity, the agriculture, irrigation, and like rural and agriculture-oriented issues have been skipping the radar of many rulers, citizens, economists and intellectuals like social scientists. and all most all elite citizens.

But the complete failure of communism which solely concentrated on the materialistic well-being of humans has little impact on nation-builders and economy-oriented intellectuals. The cultural, civilization, religious and spiritual matters are not getting the attention of any modern rulers or citizens.

Even though hunger cannot enjoy fine-arts, deep spiritual matters, dance, music and the like aesthetic engagements, these are not discussed at all, which can be of interest to many, irrespective of their economic status. Even though a person is poor economically one can have a rich literary, cultural and spiritual taste.

And even though politicians beg to differ, all human beings cannot be made economically equal. One will pursue one's interests in parallel to his economic situation. Unfortunately all cultural and entertainment aspect is completely highjacked by movies and movies-related stuff and TV commercials which give break to TV serials. The TV commercials are turning porn to attract customers. TV serials and programs themselves are contributing to the ignorance of individuals about their culture and tradition and religion.

Poverty from economics point of view is dominating the thoughts and actions of rulers. But Poverty in thoughts, commonsense, spirituality, religious and cultural matters which are continuing the social chaos presently sweeping the societyis not recognized at all; only economics, trade, commerce, business, corporate interests like things are getting and given prominence.

Unless cultural, civilization, spiritual, fine-arts aspects are also given equal prominence as financial, business, trade, corporate aspects the "gains" of money making will be subsumed by uncultured, uncivilized, irreligious, dispiriting attitudes of the individuals. Human relations, and other social relations will become extinct in the rule of alcohol consumption, drug abuse, debauchery, and many a social chaos.

But who listens to this sanity in the mad pursuit of only luxurious living and money-making at all costs!!

But a society or nation when peaceful develops in harmonious circumstances and not in and through chaotic, control-less and indiscriminate behaviors and pursuits.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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