Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania

Least Impressive but Overrated

Nowadays I have been really cheated by the reviews; frankly, I don’t know whether the reviewers belong to the new-gen and prefer to appreciate any and every movie that is released with liberal encomiums or I have turned cynical in viewing the new-gen romance which invariably borders on silliness.
Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania’ is touted as a tribute to the most famous ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ which catapulted Sharukh Khan to dizzy heights. Let us not go into those umpteen movies made on the same genre and turned hits and misses.
HSKD from the start never takes any serious posture; probably that should be the strength of the movie. The hero is introduced in the crudest way; goody goody fit for nothing Rakesh Humpty Sharma coming out of a ‘Men’s Toilet’ victoriously after ‘making it out’ with a girl. This boy who never takes anything seriously takes only one thing very seriously; to buy a ‘bahut mehanga lehenga’ for the heroine Kavya who had come to Delhi just to buy for her marriage with a NRI boy. She meets Humpty and his equally useless accomplices but falls in love with the main Mr. Useless. She goes with him, dances with him, plays a role and enjoy with the guys the video shot with the gasps of an elder woman making it out with a college guy, blackmail with them but refuses to touch the marriage jewellery of the blackmailed woman, drinks like a fish with him, gets into bed with him and returns to Ambala. But, she cannot stand up against her ‘bauji’ for the sake of her lover!
There is a completely uncalled for footage in making fun of ‘gays’ once again since the movie comes from the house of Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions!
What sort of new gen heroine she is? You must be by now aware of the hero’s credentials because in all her acts he is there.
The second half supposedly aims at convincing the ‘strict’ bauji. Here too Humpty does nothing but getting beaten, dancing around, making it with his lady-love in the nights, of all the things preparing pickle for the family! Nonsense! Does it fit any new gen hero?
A dangerous trend in the Hindi filmshad emerged now that they work on the borrowed ideas from the western culture. This one borrowed from the Indian culture messed up with new generation touch (first of all the western movies don’t celebrate love to this extent!).
It is unfair to criticize the young talents. Varun Dhawan, and Alia Bhatt acquit themselves very well with the silly roles they have been offered.
One should not forget that DDLJ’s success was also due to the melodious and foot tapping music score by Jatin-Lalit. We have nothing like that HSKD except some noisy and annoying numbers.
If the critics and public prefer to favor such films in the name of light-hearted, feel-good movies, I have to say that it is better we stop talking about the hallowed ‘Indian Culture’ henceforth.
Henceforth, I too will take any appreciation of these critics with a cartload of salt!


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Comment Thank you Mr. Santosh Kiran Rai, for endorsing my views on HSKD. I have been irked very much by many such reviews which are positively eulogizing the mediocrity! Now film magazines also follow the same method with paid news, interviews and comments. But, we still consider our country to be the best in the world with respect to honesty in any matter!

G Swaminathan
23-Jul-2014 23:19 PM

Comment The film has bombed at the box office but do not worry the media will report that it is a Rs.100 crore movie.The plot of such movies is predictable. Varun Dhawan follows in the footsteps of Govinda and Emran in becoming the new smooching master. Alia will continue to kiss other heroes in the future and promote the movie before the release that the hero in that movie was the best kisser. Pooja Bhatt did that earlier with less impact.
Prior to release, the producer bought media and critics to write favorable reports about the movie. Alas, it did not work.
Nowadays every movie runs for a maximum of 21 days - they don't even celebrate 25 days forget about silver jubilee.
Forget the movie critics... they are dead long ago. Now we have people who write paid reviews

Santosh Kiran Rai
23-Jul-2014 13:00 PM

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