Remove Destructive Energy from your Home

Four Vastu Tips

Vastu lays emphasis on the Panchabhutas (primary elements) water, fire, space, air and earth. Communication is, a very important aspect of every habitation, be it human or divine. 

Is there harmony when two people or a group of people conversing with each other? Do the communicating partners enjoy the conversations between each other? Is there constant argument between them? Where are they and you seated?

Communication is a game of words. When the game is smooth communication does make its mark on the other. Business deals snap. Family decisions are harmonious and an energy of comfort remains in the habitation though the words spoken are not seen.

Make this harmonious energy gather and work positively in your habitation. Follow these four commandments.

1. Open Your Windows

When ventilation in and out is good, communication becomes worthwhile. Air entering into our business/residence home creates the life energy for things to happen positively. This can help youngsters trying to pursue their education or their jobs abroad. Like the human nostril, windows should bring in good energy and take out bad energy. Have ventilators on the top of windows to push out not only the warm air but also negative energies. The morning energy coming into the habitations is very special in that it only betters communication but also keeps the health and harmony among the residents good.

2. Keep Your Rooms Clean

Dust and litter in rooms create negative energies. Never make them accumulate in the room – corners, against walls, in shelves, on and below tables, computer and televisions screens, on the doors and windows and never on the mirrors. Many a time dust accumulates to such an extent that spiders form webs releasing great negative energy into the rooms. This could result in lethargy, improper thinking and excessive suspicion. Keep a track on such energy piles and clean them everyday. Sweep and swamp the floors clockwise, as much as possible. Never keep trash cans in the southwest or northeast of your home, room or table too.

3. Let Salt Power

Hate, jealousy and suspicion ending in communicative vengeance creates great negative energy in your home or business center. Remember there are people who hate you for your achievement and are happy at your downfall. This energy can physically and mentally affect you and your actions to your detriment, though not immediately, but over a period of time. To ward of such destructive energy, finish your bath with salt water. Mix a spoon of rock salt in half a bucket of warm water and pour the water on you after your usual bath is over. Salt energy can create a protective aura around you and at the same time drain out the accumulated energy from you.

4. Speak Softly, Speak Good

As earlier indicated communication is an important part of your schedule that can create good or bad energy. Good words create an atmosphere of harmony that can contribute wealth and happiness in the family or business while bad words can cause differences that lead to uncontrolled expenditure and irrecoverable bad debts. Do not put down others before listening to their views, think for a while and then answer. While dining do not discuss topics that could create stress among the group. Let your words make you loved and not hated by others.

The four Vastu tips not only can eliminate destructive energy but can also bring in positive energy that can bring in abundance of wealth, fame and happiness.


More by :  Niranjan Babu Bangalore

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Comment Simple yet effective. Well written and my thanks.

01-Aug-2014 00:20 AM

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