Who was Bugging Gadkari?

The controversy surrounding the alleged secret surveillance of BJP leader Mr. Nitin Gadkari by placing bugging devices in his residence is getting increasingly mysterious. The first question is whether such listening devices were really placed in the Gadkari residence. A newspaper reported the fact. TV channels went to town with the report. BJP leader Mr. Subramaniam Swamy embellished the report with inputs. Mr. Gadkari at first said that the report was speculative. Later he categorically said that no bugging devices had been planted. Home Minister Mr. Rajnath Singh described the report as baseless. What is the truth? Were there or were there not bugging devices planted in the Gadkari residence? Consider both possibilities.

If no bugging devices were planted who created this false report and to what purpose? The main thrust of comment in media and among politicians is to blame America for spying on Indians. The Gadkari episode is treated as part of the exercise. That brings us to considering the second possibility. Bugging devices may have indeed been planted. According to this version they were planted last October during the thick of the poll campaign but were discovered only after the NDA government assumed power in May. If this version is correct the obvious question is why Mr. Rajnath Singh and belatedly Mr. Gadkari denied the fact. As victims of spying they should have publicized the truth.

Mr. Swamy and TV channels persist with the American spying theory. They base it on the exposures of American whistleblower Mr. Edward Snowden who revealed that India is one of the 33 countries that entered into third party agreement allowing the US National Security Agency (NSA) to access its telecom and internet networks. To conclude from this American involvement in the Gadkari bugging is silly. The third party agreement most likely is an extension of the surveillance by the UK-USA intelligence alliance initiated during World War Two. It comprises Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. The intelligence gathering by this group is primarily directed against terrorism although access might be misused by the Americans. More importantly its surveillance is limited to phone tapping and Internet hacking. What allegedly happened in Mr. Gadkari’s residence was physical planting of bugging devices that suggests a purely domestic enterprise.

What might one conclude if bugging did occur? There is only one credible explanation for the strange behaviour of BJP leaders who try to hide the fact. It may be noted that BJP leaders Mr. Rajnath Singh and Mr. Gadkari on one hand, and Mr. Swamy on the other, are both deflecting attention from the possibility that the bugging was done at the instance of Mr. Gadkari’s rivals within the BJP. Mr. Rajnath Singh denies the truth; Mr. Swamy draws an American red herring. If there is incurable discord within the party it should not attempt patchwork unity. That never delivers. Either ruthlessly discipline the party, or purge it of saboteurs. That works best in the long run.


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Comment Mr. Kundu's assessment is correct

01-Aug-2014 13:20 PM

Comment I do not agree what Mr Shiv says. Ruthlessness is never good. Hindutwabaadis say they are hindubaadi because of Muslims. I told such a Hindutwabaadi, the more you hate a muslim, the more you become like a muslim. I must add here Islam spreads the message of love and peace. Actually, islamists are not muslims. They are a scar on the society. Islam means peace. Of course, I do admit, BJP would not be there if Congressites are not false secularists. By proclaiming themselves as secularists they actually atone for Gandhi's ill-treatment of Netaji Subhash. He was a true secular, an international patriot, a patriot of patriots. Gandhi was a confused person. He just played with people's gullibility. Otherwise, how could he choose Nehru, a pucca sahib, an atheist as his bhaab-shishya. An incongruity. Gandhi behaved with the British like the adamant child in a household who will fast till her demands are met. Honorifics like Father of the nation, Mahatma were by Tagore & Netaji whose socio-political thoughts were modernistic. This is the slate I want to write about bugging of Gadhkari's bedroom. Why Congress is so much incensed? They are desperately trying to breach BJP solidarity. I hope Modi stays in power for ten years. Two terms have become almost the norm in USA these days though theoretically, one can be out of power after one term. Modi will take 2 to 3 years to change the course of Indian history provided Europe and Russia allows. We all know what happened to Lal Bahadur Shastri. Modi should be very cautious. Rajnath Singh has a crucial role to play. It is very strange that people decide a Government's success by the price of potato, onion and tomato! I have a suggestion. Platform tickets should be made costlier and every train ticket should collect a surcharge of one percent, rounded to Rs 1/- at minimum and Rs. 20/- at maximum for platform modernisation and cleanliness. Cities be given Metro and towns trams to ease traffic which has reached an alarming proportion and reduce pollution. Further trucks carrying potato, onion, tomato, milk, and a few such items should be exempt from road tax. Let our political parties behave, otherwise we will make true what Churchill said of us. We will prove to be incapable to rule ourselves. And kudos to Modi for refraining from publicity. He will bring "achchhe din", of course if he is allowed. I think he will not allow anybody to outwit him.

Sharbaaniranjan Kundu
30-Jul-2014 09:51 AM

Comment Your article on the issue is the only one that makes sense.I agree 100%the last 2 lines

30-Jul-2014 01:58 AM

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