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An Ocean of Love

The foundation of the poetry collection, ‘Divine Trumpet’ written by Tapeshwar Prasad, reveals what lies beneath the emptiness and it takes a thorough knowledge of the soul to give the voice its own timber and tenor. His poems apparently showcase an array of voices which culminate into a single one at the end.

I find you, somewhere
Between the oeuvre of
My thought remains (Pillars of Ruin)

In his Foreword, Louis Kasatkin has rightly summarised, “Suffice it, therefore to state that Tapeshwar's métier as a poet, is that his words paint a thousand pictures”. The poet wishes only to live the active life and the resonance is always there which interests the reader.

What warmth I compress
In feel of touch
It drops
Down the Earth
And profess it’s heal
To come true to life and blood (Life and Blood)

We discover the tone of compassion, love and hope in some of his well crafted poems. It’s all he possesses,

And’ll pent breath
To wait thy return
In my palpitating dreams, as
I beat ocean
With my love! (Beating an ocean of love)

For the poet, this is a surreal world of doubt and the response is addled by pain and wound. There is concern, fascination and apprehension that condition and limit the thought process. This powerlessness is mapped well in ‘Thy Image’

Not in the asking
I bear thy wait,
clumsy do I become
To contrive myself
Into thy image

Admittedly, his graceful poems register the changes that time inflicts and the setup is moving as well as credible.

From the birth till the end
To all the hangings
Framed to every corners of the
Broken walls
Some orchestrate its vibes
Some music sips beyond the cracks

Here, I limit myself to boundary
Outside my freedom reigns! (Carpet of existence)

It’s the tone, the tenor and pitch; it’s the way of looking at things that makes the poet unique. Sometimes his works are underwhelming and out of place also. Neither the flashy twist, nor verbal excesses but the unforced rhythms and illuminating words light up the pages of this collection.

O, my dear hoary bard
Wrap me in thy warm hold
In obeisance I empty all
Which was mine, still
You term my flame
In flicker streak
What did wronged me
Was that not
Thy call! (Sing a song)

For readers his poems are a symbol of a new dawn, a new beginning and a reflection of search results. It’s wonderful to trace his views on mysticism in microcosm through the eyes of an outsider and ‘Thy’ is the second nature to him which is deeper and richer than the language.

In an ocean flow
Heaving down the dingle.
Is this not thy reality
Plucking eternal feed (You Shine)

Straight to heart, his poems are built from unfailing faithfulness and his works piece together history, arts and mystics with aplomb.

And I meander lonely
Beside the dark lane
Gathering a storm to
My Icarus fall! (Icarus Fall)

If there is anything missing in this collection, it might be the linear progression and commonality which we are used to. His thoughts offer us this solace that we can rise up and make our life a little better.

At ease with the situation, he is most definitely one of the emerging voices amongst the contemporary poets. Despite the seriousness, the poems are endearing and enjoyable.

The cover design by Tamojit Bhattacharya is deep in texture and stylish as well. This beautiful collection is published by Shambhabi, The Third Eye Imprint. Divine Trumpet is assured in its conversation and surely connects the readers. The book is available in Just go and grab it at the earliest.

Divine Trumpet by Tapeshwar Prasad
published by Shambhabi, The Third Eye Imprint
Amarabati, Sodepur, Kolkata- 700110. Price- INR 170


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Comment So much thanks Kiriti Da and Mohini Ji for thy uplifting comments! So much of humble regards for thy heaving of thy warm words ever etched to my beating heart, dearest me Gopal Lahiri Ji! Naman ... _()_

Tapeshwar Prasad
26-Jan-2015 10:53 AM

Comment Thanks Mohini and Kiriti for your kind words. Much appreciated.

29-Aug-2014 09:59 AM

Comment Nice review! Keep up...

Kiriti Sengupta
25-Aug-2014 23:03 PM

Comment wonderfully reviewed . Congrats to Gopal lahiri sir and Tapeshwar Prasad .! Best wishes ! Regards

Mohini Gurav
25-Aug-2014 11:47 AM

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