Questioning Natwar Singh’s Version

Former cabinet minister Mr. Natwar Singh has claimed to the media that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi declined the post of Prime Minister on May 18, 2004 because Mr. Rahul Gandhi worried about her security compelled her. According to Mr. Natwar Singh Mr. Gandhi gave his ultimatum in the presence of, beside him, Mrs. Priyanka Vadra and Mr. Suman Dubey. This happened therefore only before insiders of the Dynasty.

Congress leaders have rubbished Mr. Natwar Singh’s claim.

They cling to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi’s statement in parliament that, like Mahatma Gandhi, she heeded her inner voice. One of the two versions has to be false unless both are false. This writer advanced a different reason for her decision within three weeks of it and prefers to stick by it.

Mrs. Gandhi did not become Prime Minister because she could not become Prime Minister. On June 7, 2004 I wrote:

“There is no report of the President offering her the post of PM. His letter clearly stated that as the leader of the single largest party and largest pre-poll alliance, he wanted a "discussion" with her. Why should the President have held back? Is it because she could have been a security risk? And hence could not be given access to India’s nuclear secrets making her thereby untenable as PM… Did not the President discuss the security angle with Sonia? Will Rashtrapati Bhawan tell us?”

Neither Rashtrapati Bhawan nor anyone else in government denied my serious assertion. Mrs. Gandhi pre-empted any discussion by straight away recommending to the President that Mr. Manmohan Singh, who accompanied her to that meeting, should be sworn in.

Years later after demitting office President Kalam indirectly vindicated my claim by writing in his memoirs:

“I had a number of emails and letters from individuals, organizations and parties that I should not allow Mrs. Sonia Gandhi to become the Prime Minister of the country. I had passed on these emails and letters to various agencies in the government for their information without making any remarks… At the allotted time, 8.15 pm, Mrs. Gandhi came to Rashtrapati Bhawan along with Dr Manmohan Singh… That is when she told me that she would nominate Dr Manmohan Singh.”

Dr Kalam never disclosed what letters from which sources he had received and to which government agencies he forwarded them.

Mrs. Gandhi became a security risk after her links to her brother-in-law Mr. Walter Vinci who served Italian Intelligence surfaced. She prevailed on Rajiv Gandhi to send Indian security personnel for training to Italy under a private organization for which payment was to be made by the secret funds of RAW. This proposal was shot down by Indian officials. These facts have been stated in writing by former Cabinet Secretary Mr. BG Deshmukh as well as by late B. Raman who was Additional Director of RAW.

In the light of these three versions let readers decide why Mr. Gandhi did not become Prime Minister.


More by :  Dr. Rajinder Puri

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Comment Natwar Singh, Another Rat of the ship....he fed himself on the it to the fullest and now along with many other rats like him after making holes in the ship , running off with a bad mouth .....huh, who cares of these selfish creatures?

Farhat Farooqui
04-Aug-2014 02:39 AM

Comment Poor Kalam. He had the best interests of the country in mind. Yet, the most sacred of India's secrets were privy to her without accountability for over a decade! What a shame! What a sad state of affairs!

03-Aug-2014 09:07 AM

Comment natwar is a stooge of the gandhi family,has made a career on the basis of handouts from this dubious family.sonia could not/will not become Prime minister because of the dual nationality.Mr Puri's assertions in this article are correct,DrKalam did cancel the appointment given to sonia on May 17th,DrSwamy has been broadcating to one and all that he wrote to Drkalam saying that he will challenge sonia's appointment if given by DrKalam in the highest court.he had put forward reasons why she should not be appointed and later it turns out Dr Kalam accepted these reasons and cancelled her appointment.This shocked sonia and her bunch of fellow travellers and am sure all the looting of congress in the last 10 years has been due to anger/vendetta arising out of this decision..When you let in an outsider, you will pay a heavy price.Indians will not learn this lesson because powerful/mighty are devious by nature, having no concern for the goodness of country or society.The devious grabbing attitude of rich/powerful needs to change if we want to change the destiny of this great nation.

31-Jul-2014 23:52 PM

Comment What Mr Natwar Singh has said in his book must be true. Surely, Mrs Sonia Gandhi would not have made a good Prime Minister. A person who installs a safe bet like Mr Manmohan Singh till her son is ready to take on the reigns was typically mother-like. However, all along I felt Mrs Sonia Gandhi has an European mind and I for one will prefer an European mind to be at the helm of affairs. An educated Bengali has a good measure of European mind because of two to three centuries of British rule of India with Calcutta as the British capital of India. Bengal shone because of the British rule. Once the British are out, just see what Bengalees have turned Bengal into. First Prime Minister of Bengal, Shri Prafulla Ghosh felt as well, substantiated by a comment at some inauguration function, where in he expressed a sentiment, he would have been happy if the project was carried out by Bengali engineers with a British at top! The same is the case of Indians working abroad. They are far better than Indians working under Indian masters. Many people are blaming Rahul for election debacle of Congress. I personally do not find much fault with Rahul, except that we are expecting too much from Rahul. I would have preferred Rahul to have gone to Oxford or Cambridge and studied Economics, Politics and Philosophy. Actually, Congressites who always wanted to climb stairs of power through sycophancy are to blamed. I would like many more Congressites, including Sonia Gandhi to tell their stories. That way a churning will take place and a better Congress will emerge after a decade. Of all the politicians of India today, I find Mayawati is a better learner, probably because of her study of law at Delhi University. But I suspect some young boys and girls like Utsav Mitra of BJP and a few like Saurav Bhardwaj will upstage the steamed off veteran politicians of Congress.

Sharbaaniranjan Kundu
31-Jul-2014 23:04 PM

Comment All the trappings of power but no accountability may have been the key to the decision to prop up Mr Manmohan Singh.
Leading by Remote Control- I have written this recently in Boloji. Suggesting Mr Kharge's name for Leader of opposition is another such move.

31-Jul-2014 21:08 PM

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