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Trinity: Language, Literature and Life
by Prof. Shailesh Kumar Mishra Bookmark and Share

A literature is the sum of the language drill and practice that nutshells the communication of hearts and heads. A culture gets its form when a standard language and its tributaries come in action to transfer or exchange the thoughts and beats. It is well kenned or usual fact that a language is one of the quintessential parts of a cultural society. A culture is a culture only when it is well jeweled with its own standard language. We can easily see a hidden and justified matrix between a language and its literature with view to a culture. A language uses its literature to mobilize and activate a culture to exist, spread and strengthen. It may easily be asseverated that there were only those cultures flourishing ever that had a substantial language with their rich and varied literary genres. It may be further said that the great cultures entail subtle and salient languages. All the components of a culture like art, science, literature, and education essentially depend on its trait that is the language.

It is said that a literature is the mirror of a society. Here it means that a literature is an account of the totality of a society. A culture is a peculiar way of living the life in its entirety and is manifested through its language and is preserved in its literature. It may be said that a culture is born out of the very long and comprehensive social processes and its language places it to its very existence by playing a very crucial and decisive role. The place of a language in a culture can be compared with the blood in the body. The significance of blood in the body is vital so is the case with the language when taken in to the consideration with view to the existence of a culture. A literature herein plays the role of the treasury of the record of each and every happening that has been taking place in the day to day life of all the people of a society. A culture has been the reflection of all the types of the social happenings and it seems to be the emboldened and practised way of living of the people of a vicinity with the common cultural features and specialties.

The culture of a society is an outcome of all the types of the inter-personal interactions and the effects of such happenings in the social settlements. Any culture that has the recognizable status always enjoys the inseparable support system of its language and literature. A language that has a substantial grammar and rich vocabulary may have every potentiality to beget profound and prolific literary creations and thus it may contribute to enrich, develop and preserve the cultural and traditional sensibilities and innovations.
A unity in time, place and manner of all the activities of the people of a society gives a promising opportunity to grammarians, language scholars and literary creators to demonstrate and preserve the cultural features in the literature of the time. This documentation and representation is an integral part of the literary enterprise. A language, its literature and the culture wherein they grow cannot be separated or taken apart otherwise they will certainly lose their significance and their natural impact will undoubtedly be fizzling out. All the forms of a culture namely education, business, fashion, faith, belief, science, music, arts etc. always depend on the language for their existence, influence, spreading, pervasiveness, transmission and communication. Finally it may be said that though a lot has been discussed and doctrined about the language, its literature and their roles in a culture yet it may be claimed that there is a possibility to glean much more hereabout.

It is well said that the human race is dumb sans a language and is totally disabled sans literature. It is the language that adds beauty to the personality and makes it worth comprehending completely. Someone advocates that communication may be done even without language; through the non-verbal communication. It may be partially agreed but with certain ifs and buts that too up to certain extent. It may be said hereabout that the non-verbal communication can help in only serving the primary purposes by satisfying our basic need of the day to day life. But it is fully deprived of the outcomes of the thought-provoking and thought-proceeding faculties of a man.

There is nothing philosophical and of high level understanding in the non-verbal expressions. Here comes the need of a substantial language which finally results in the creation of a rich and worthy literature. A society enriched with a sensible culture is the mother of a salient language and sublime literature. Whenever there is discussion on the value of the culture for a society, then there comes the specific brooding over the roles of its language and literature. They both are the two essential wheels of the cart of the culture of a society. Both a language and its literature play very effectual role in representing the very nature of a culture. It may be said that when a culture is equipped with a standard language and is portrayed by its exquisite literature, it spreads far and wide and is welcomed and honored by the people. It will really be worth pondering here that the very nature and value of a society can never be well studied if the relation among the language, its literature and the culture of the society wherein they have taken place is not properly studied and taken care of.

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