Uncultured Human Beings and Wild animals!

Uncultured human beings are like wild animals. If you frame some rules and write books on morality and civilization and ask them to follow them they are as stupid as lions and tigers which do not understand a bit of the books and continue to behave in their wild way. Education is to humans. It has no effect on animals. Just as we avoid wild animals we must learn to avoid uncultured and wild human beings. There is no use or point in blaming them when we naively make ourselves available to them in the form of friend / colleague / class-mate as a prey to wild animal in isolated places and circumstances "believing" them "innocently" and treat such meetings casually; we are bound to suffer. 

Every one must be aware of this. By merely studying in an educational institute or having a degree or certificate will not make one cultured or civilized. The wild animal in him/her is always dormant and will be active under suitable circumstances. 

We have to take care of ourselves from criminals, murderers, fundamentalists; we roam freely without care or concern for ourselves and then blame police, government and society and fellow human beings if any thing bad happens to us; will not serve any purpose. 

No police or government can give protection to every citizen 24x7 in any society or country if we do not take care of ourselves and behave promiscuously. 

Discipline and eternal vigilance are a must if you want to enjoy independence and freedom together with liberty. Carelessness and promiscuity lead to unpleasantness and suffering.


After Nirbhaya incident we are presented with many many such news items daily by all the media. But the response shown to Nirbhaya incident is missing every where to these incidents which are equally dastardly. Why? Is it not a daily heavy dose of such negative news items have made us insensitive and indifferent?

The media must leave such negative news and let the individuals concerned and government solve such issues and let police and law take care of it and punish the culprits. Let us not be doped in such unpleasant and disturbing news items and spared of daily inconvenience.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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