Clear Message from Voters!

Voters have sent a clear message to Mr. Modi. Today his government completes three months. The gap between the Prime Minister’s promises and his government’s performance keeps widening. But the PM seems unaware of this. The PM’s supporters who blindly extol his every move and target questioning by even constructive critics are Mr. Modi’s worst enemies. They are creating a euphoria in which the government has started believing its own false hype. During the election campaign the PM pledged removal of corruption and good governance. But how has his government performed in its first three months? Mrs. Sheila Dikshit openly mocked the CBI officials who wanted to question her regarding alleged corruption cases saying that as Governor she could not be questioned. This brazen misuse of the Governor’s privilege was never questioned by Mr. Modi’s government. Other Governors were removed after CBI officials questioned them. But the government preserved Mrs. Dikshit’s status as Governor. What should voters have concluded from this?

The BJP leaders themselves are promoting corruption. Health Minister Mr. Harsh Vardhan is currently embroiled in a controversy. He dismissed the Chief Vigilance Officer of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) who was uncovering corruption in the institute that possibly involved a senior BJP official. Mr. Vardhan claimed that procedure had been violated in appointing the officer because the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) had not cleared his name. A Parliamentary Committee had appointed the officer and had praised his work. The CVC on its website praised the officer’s handling of several cases. It is widely known that senior BJP leaders had a vested interest in protecting the AIIMS official covering up corruption. What should voters have concluded?

The Prime Minister passed a unique order that all Private Secretaries appointed by Ministers must be cleared by his office. His Ministers lacked the discretion even to select their own Private Secretaries. Well, those Private Secretaries approved by the PMO are demanding VIP privileges and treatment in air and rail travel. The PM is silent. What should voters have concluded?

The PM’s promise of good governance is shattered in Uttar Pradesh. Ever since he assumed office the state has witnessed rape cases, communal riots and innumerable incidents dividing communities. The BJP merely criticizers the state government but is quite obviously exploiting the situation for future electoral gains. The PM is oblivious of his responsibility to restore order in the state by taking appropriate steps to introduce President’s Rule. Electoral strategy takes precedence over good governance. What should voters have concluded?

Many more examples can be cited. The PM’s supporters continue to parrot his omnipotence and the vile motives of critics. One hopes that wild praise does not intoxicate the PM. Loss of touch with reality can be fatal for any political leader. The BJP setback in the bye-elections is just the first blow.

The PM believes election victory helps good governance. Voters believe good governance helps election victory.


More by :  Dr. Rajinder Puri

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Comment Well said Mr. Puri! The voters in Bihar thought that even that corrupt RJD-JDU combine are now marginally better than BJP. How hopeless things could become.

BJP, with a president like Amit Shah who has a serious criminal record, is hardly any different (33% of their MP's have criminal charges against them). How much could we hope from this bunch of corrupt crorepati politicians? Anyway, they still have a long time ahead to prove that they are not worse than the corrupt-to-the-bone Congress?

26-Aug-2014 03:11 AM

Comment Hats off to your unbiased approach !

the ultimate truth is-

"Haq ko batil se chhipa kar koi kab talak bach paaega,
Har Jhoot - sach ka faisala maalik barhaq dikhayega "

farhat Ul-Ain farooqui
25-Aug-2014 23:59 PM

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