Unrestricted View of China

Readers might recall this writer’s frequent allusions to “Unrestricted Warfare” authored by two Chinese army Colonels and published by the People’s Liberation Army. The book was translated in America but was unavailable in India. One relied on foreign reviews. Now the book has been published in India (Natraj Publishers, Price Rs. 395). It should be compulsory reading for foreign ministry officials and security analysts. Despite India’s pro-China past it can introduce course correction.

The book’s message is clear.

It updates for the modern world the classical Chinese mindset on war formulated centuries ago by Sun Tsu. In Sun Tsu’s words, “war is deception”. The application of this principle to the current context provides a spine chilling account of what China intends to do. The book targets America as the enemy and how it can be defeated by China. More than conventional military warfare the strategy is to focus on all aspects of life to weaken and destroy the enemy state through subversion and sabotage. The book states: “There is nothing in the world today that cannot become a weapon, and this requires that our understanding of weapons must have an awareness that breaks through all boundaries.” In other words the strategy proposes how a nation perceived to be weaker can destroy a stronger enemy.

To achieve this goal the book describes how the enemy’s finances can be crippled through financial warfare. Smuggling warfare can destroy the economy by flooding the market with illegal goods. Cultural warfare can subvert society through destruction of cultural values. Drug warfare can emasculate the enemy’s people. Media warfare can manipulate public opinion. Technological warfare can help gain control of vital technologies. Resources warfare can help gain control of scarce natural resources. The tactics to achieve success in all these wars is bribery, subversion, sabotage and infiltration.

China’s ability to manipulate public opinion may be judged from a current event. A Sri Lankan intelligence dossier accessed by Indian media reveals Hafiz Saeed coordinating terror outfits of Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Journalists excitedly focus on Hafiz Saeed. Are they unaware that the UN on the basis of investigation nailed Hafiz Saeed as a terrorist and imposed sanctions against him? And that China used its veto power to block the sanctions? Hafiz Saeed is nothing but China’s instrument carrying out Beijing’s agenda against India. Yet Indians continue to demonize Pakistan but praise China which nuclear-arms Pakistan!

Indians may believe China targets only America. But India is an impediment to China’s global ambition. India must be made China’s camp follower to defeat America. In reference to “Unrestricted Warfare” I wrote in August 2012:

“The main PLA target is of course America. The PLA’s temporary impediment is India…India has huge size, population and second strike nuclear capability. Despite its pathetic performance India … (is) not… totally irrelevant in Asia… That is why assessing the PLA mindset assumes significance.”

When President Xi Jinping visits India he must be welcomed with open arms as well as open eyes.


More by :  Dr. Rajinder Puri

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Comment China is a dragon with expansionism as a tail which waggles in all directions.
Welcome China open heartily but watch its every move carefully. You cannot trust it, its mind set is pro-Pakistan to weaken India in present day politics. Earlier HINDI CHINI BHAI BHAI has taken a toll in 1962 when India was defeated by China. Remember what happened to Pundit Nehru who went to love
China. China is still waggling its tail on the norther boundaries of India. China is
playing hidden warfare against its rivals Japan and India.

pranlal sheth
05-Sep-2014 22:19 PM

Comment That was a nice piece. I would like to have more details on the financial warfare of China against the US, if you can help with it. Thanks.

Jerin Mathew
04-Sep-2014 05:48 AM

Comment The Chinese have been exactly using all tricks with India.
Former Chinese defence minister, General Liang Guanglie made a Rs 100,000 tip to two IAF pilot in 2012. It was a deft move to personally test the waters. Manmohan Singh's government should have asked him to get out, but instead we chose to be nice.
Recent offers of investment should be viewed with caution.
India has already suffered at the hands of East India Company !

03-Sep-2014 21:39 PM

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