In Praise of God - A Sukta

God does not reveal
He has always been there; eternal and infinite

Rishies of the Rig pursuing their quest of KA:
ask Who is He whom all worship - Vishwa Upasate!
And find their answer in Prajapati as Lord of the Universe
the One who creates and nurtures (atmada, balda)
and the One who gives immortality (yasya chaya amritam)

Then comes Gargi the Brahmavadini, asking
Antriksh the layer between Earth and the Sky
A symbol of Past, Present and Future
Where is That situated?

And Upanishadas respond the One you seek is Self:
Tatwam Asi - Aham Brahmasmi they resonate
Call it Brahman or Ishwara, it matters not
The reality is the same, only vipras call It by different names

Scores of centuries later appear three wise Prophets of the Desert
Pursuing the same eternal quest one after the other
they “hear” voices of God and Angels
Their own thoughts appearing as divine voices perhaps
They call them Revelations and record them in their Holy Books

Some sceptic call it “God Delusion”
forgetting He has always been there to be realized;
He does not have to reveal Himself
His discovery may be the greatest discovery of Man!


More by :  Harish Midha

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