Significance of Dussehra

Music, song and dance in all the nine nights with a grand finale on the tenth finishes happily Navarathri and Dussehra for the work and victory of the year in Spring, Summer and Autumn before Winter.

Ant and Grasshopper

Everyday as ants men toil under the hot sun, that dries the land and boils the ocean annually. Never the less "It's a natural phenomenon,” say men and heave a sigh of relief after a long travail! But the grass hoppers of them coolly spend in gambling time, wealth and energy till they become bankrupt. Naturally how can the ant entertain the hopper in the winter?

Nine and One Nights

Nine and one nights, the bridge between the vestige of the summer and the beginning of winter in the year reminds men to prepare ready to face all rigours of the darkness of the mind in the coming dark cold nights, for the last quarter to win in the quarrels with the evils both fanciful and fantastic ensuring final victory to the good.

Why the Good should win?

Why the good only should win and survive ever? If the good wins the whole world will survive for ever. A colossus, the creature of evil may look to be; yet there is an end for all that goes beyond all limits! Instance: the celebration of Dussehra in memory of the slaying of Maheshasura, a formidable Asura by the Universal Mother Goddess in the legendary age.

Exquisite Attires of Goddess

Nine nights in nine exquisite attires the Goddess appears and on the 10th day kills the formidable foe of the Universe. Perhaps this is the reason moods of men are also nine, and the nine moods of men make the nature of man.

Nine Moods of Men!

If not courage, anger, hatred; calmness, lust, fear; and mercy, humor, wonder, what else that could be?
Beside zero Natural Numbers are also nine! Effective gems are usually numbered into nine; for, perhaps the planets are also nine in number!

The full circle zero adds power to all numbers; though nothing, it makes all numbers powerful!
Education, knowledge and art make one wise! Money, property and gold make one solid! Courage, boldness and bravery make one strong! Combination of these nine make one complete capable of tackling human life in any situation!

Knowledge, wealth and power three in one make one thrive as creation, preservation and destruction of God's natural act! Hence circling round the temple thrice or 9 has become a custom! But one complete circle comprises of all nine in one too!

Nine planets without the one Sun are nothing in the Solar system! Nine planets with the Sun only make one complete system. Perhaps nine and one nights also follow this magic system!

Dark and cold circumstances give weakness and fear to the meek to think about fate and destiny leading the thought process to hopelessness and death. But to the alert, balanced and disinterested minds hot or cold, day or night is one and the same. This attitude for a person of aptitude is the fortitude called resourcefulness one learns from all failures. So, first preparation for the worst gives power to face adversities for the rest even for the poor.


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