Judiciary, God and Government

Judges are very wise. That is why they dispense justice in courts of law. And God is very kind. That is why the justice dispensed by Judges always turns out best for the nation’s stability. Indians should consider how kind God is and how wise Judges are and count their blessings. Remember the disproportionate assets case launched against Samajwadi Party leader Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav? For years the case dragged on. Then suddenly in late 2013 the court quashed the case for insufficient evidence. It was after this timely intervention by God that Mr. Mulayam Singh publicly stated that he was not averse to forging an alliance with the BJP after the 2014 general election results were declared. That alliance became unnecessary because the BJP won absolute majority.

Remember the disproportionate assets case launched against Miss Mayawati? Despite her enormous unearned assets authorities made no case against her on the plea that her impoverished followers out of love donated their savings to create her assets. The Judges wisely quashed the case against her. In the 2014 poll she got 20 percent vote share but surprisingly not a single seat! The BJP swept the poll in UP. In the recent by-elections she did not contest and her votes did not go to the BJP which was trounced. But just then by the wisdom of the Judges and the timing of God the case against her was revived on technical grounds. The court sought a response from her against the charges within four weeks.

After 18 years the Judges ruled that in a disproportionate assets case against Miss Jayalalithaa involving a sum of 66 crores she was guilty and she had to resign from the Chief Minister’s post in Tamil Nadu.

God with superb timing paved the way for the BJP to wrest the state in future polls from the discredited AIADMK and DMK parties. That might help the BJP to enhance its majority by winning Tamil Nadu and further increase stability in the country.

There is little doubt that BJP President Mr. Amit Shah will spare no effort to win future polls in Tamil Nadu. The Judges in their wisdom and in the pursuit of justice have delayed verdict in the three cases of murder that are presently against Mr. Amit Shah. God through infinite wisdom and kindness towards our nation has allowed Mr. Amit Shah his historic task of winning majority for the BJP in every single state of the Union.

Should not all Indians be grateful for the wisdom of our Judges who dispense justice and for the bountiful kindness of God who times events in such manner as to ensure stability for our nation? India is truly blessed for being looked after by God and not by some Godfather.


More by :  Dr. Rajinder Puri

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Comment Mr Puri's sarcasm is appreciated. But, he had failed to understand the Tamil Nadu state and its culture by comparing them to the other states of this country. TN had ousted the Congress long back and BJP had never had any footing in this state at all. Even if DMK and AIADMK could not contest or win the elections, there will be some other Dravidian parties like DMDK or PMK or MDMK (all are Dravidian Parties in different names) will share or split the votes and definitely spoil the prospects of any national party. Tamil Nadu had all along voted against the national stream on most of the occasions. So one has to wait and see whether the 'wisdom' of the judges and 'kindness' of God help the Tamil Nadu to join the national stream to give stability to the country!

Devavratan Kaundinya
02-Oct-2014 13:01 PM

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