Satyamev Jayate: A Sport Session

Aamir Khan’s Third Season of ‘Satymev Jayate’ started on a sportive note. Yes, the need and significance of playing and how it had changed the lives some of the insignificant mortals into extraordinary achievers.
The first section showed how a street vagabond’s life had been thoroughly changed into a national level soccer player by the impetus given by a college professor was indeed very poignant and dramatic. Akilesh Paul’s sudden breaking down on two instances showed the emotional impact of the changes that had undergone inside that person.
The second one was a surprise; because a country side father of four girls of Haryana had trained his two daughters into be wrestlers and they were winners of Commonwealth Games. Geeta’s and Babita’s lively interviews were very interesting to watch. The small boy Subham, a world class player of Golf made the viewer wonder how for someone who is the son of a milk vendor, life changed to such a great level.
With these three cases of absolutely unique nature, Aamir showed how an outfit like Magic Bus encourages the underprivileged youths to excel in sports. Three girls and a boy shared their experiences with commendable vivacity. Aamir also brought out some special sports activities of ordinary village women who too play and enjoy their activity with gay abandon. The closing part had Badminton Player Saina Nehwal who felt with determination anyone can achieve what they want.
It is once again an Aamir’s captivating presentation which makes us feel that some really impossible too is possible. Undoubtedly, the program is an eye opener and whether everyone achieves something or not, physical activities like games encourages one’s character and mental health in terms of developing a passion, a sense of team spirit, and maintaining physical health.
Yes, in India, we have the population but never use its strength for any productive purposes like China. Everything here fell into the hands of the ruling political parties and their unsavory ways. Among them persons like Thomas who manages sporting spirits like Magic Bus need more publicity and recognition.
An average Indian parent gives less preference to sports and for the underprivileged it is not accessible. The program showed that there are ‘ways’ even for the poor if they have the ‘will’ and kindled the thought of making the middle class people to encourage their children in sports activities.
Definitely a motivating episode; but whether things will move as we wish is a moot point; both with the indifferent government and anxious parents.
The interaction ‘Mumkin Hai’ taken place in Chandigarh was not that engaging since it had only luminaries like Sachin, Kapil Dev and Yuvraj Singh provided some pep talk with Aamir. 


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Comment Yes Mr. Swaminathan it was a very interesting and refreshing episode. We forgot to watch on Sunday but yesterday we saw the recorded version minus the part when Saina Nehwal comes in. There was much confidence oozing out from those magic bus girls and that young golfer that one is made to believe that given a chance and training, every poor and underprivileged generation can give much more than those privileged.

Suresh Mandan
07-Oct-2014 14:00 PM

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