BJP and DP Yadav

Former BJP Member of Parliament Mr. DP Yadav recently accompanied BJP President Mr. Amit Shah during the current Haryana assembly poll campaign. Mr. Shah invited Mr. Yadav to accompany him because of his considerable influence among Yadavs.  Mr. Yadav sharing the stage with Mr. Shah raised a controversy that led to murmurs of protest by BJP leaders. They absurdly claimed that he had not been invited to attend Mr. Shah’s rallies.

Mr. DP Yadav reputedly was a powerful leader from Western UP. He later joined politics to acquire influence. He was often described as the most powerful politician of western UP. His son, Mr. Vikas Yadav, was convicted in a murder case. Mr. DP Yadav has been elected as an MLA in UP four times and was once elected as an MP in parliament. Like most successful Indian politicians his family is also in politics. His wife was an MLA and his nephew is currently an MLC in the UP assembly upper house. Involved in the liquor trade, Mr. Yadav acquired nine murder charges. Subsequently he joined the Samajwadi Party and became its MLA in UP. Later in 2004 he joined the BJP and became its MP in parliament. But because of his controversial reputation the BJP expelled him from the party. The puzzle is why BJP leaders are embarrassed by his association with Mr. Shah. What do BJP leaders expect Mr. Shah to do?

Mr. Amit Shah is committed to win the UP poll and Mr. Yadav can be a huge help. He has formidable muscle power and also money power. His family’s declared assets total Rs. 5 billion. His undeclared assets might well be of even greater worth. Given his experience was it not natural for Mr. Shah to turn to Mr. Yadav for help? Has not Mr. Shah merely followed his successful poll strategy in UP which helped create the Modi wave? In the Lok Sabha poll which gave Mr. Shah his reputation as a superb poll strategist 28 elected BJP MPs face criminal charges, 22 facing serious charges like murder. Mr. Sakshi Maharaj, Mr. Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, Mr. Rama Shankar Katheria and others have enormous muscle power and unmatched talent to extract obedience from voters. No wonder Mr. Shah exploited their talents to create the famous Modi wave.

Mr. Shah like Mr. Yadav has never been convicted but faces murder charges. Unlike Mr. Yadav he has only three pending murder charges and not nine. He has served time in jail. Unlike Mr. Yadav he is presently on bail which keeps extending because he is too busy to appear in court. One Judge who insisted on his appearance was promptly transferred. In the light of these facts it is a mystery why BJP leaders and a section of the media fawn on Mr. Shah and frown on Mr. Yadav. After all, Mr. Modi’s current Swachh Bharat Mission is committed to keep cities and streets clean - not politics!


More by :  Dr. Rajinder Puri

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