Even before he became Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi was propagating his goal to create a Congress-Mukt-Bharat (Congress-free-India). After becoming PM his campaign intensified. At the outset this writer enquired whether he wanted an India minus Congress or merely the removal of the Sonia Gandhi Congress from office. An India minus Congress was the goal of the late Ram Manohar Lohia and of even Mahatma Gandhi at the end of his life. It implied not a change of government but of political culture and system. However, Mr. Modi is going about achieving his goal in a most curious manner. Increasingly it appears that he will not deliver an India minus Congress but an India minus what people thought Mr. Modi represented.

Mr. Modi first deified Sardar Patel as the symbol of national unity. He traveled across the nation to propagate his resolve to build the world’s tallest statue in honour of Sardar Patel. He sought iron from each village to be used for the enterprise. He called it the Statue of Unity. This writer ridiculed that a leader among the team of leaders who allowed the Partition of mighty Hindustan should become a symbol of unity. By coincidence or otherwise subsequently on the Internet Mr. Modi’s team suggested that the statue be renamed. Gradually less was heard about Sardar Patel and the world’s tallest statue which is still being built.

Instead Mr. Modi suddenly discovered Mahatma Gandhi. Inspired by the Mahatma’s teaching he launched a nationwide campaign to keep India clean. Mr. Modi frequently extols the Mahatma’s memory to propagate various policies. People indulgently concluded that Modi’s ire was directed against the Nehru Dynasty which is why he campaigned for a Congress-Mukt-Bharat. When he started praising Sardar Patel Mr. Modi never failed to state that if Patel had governed India instead of Nehru our fate would have been different.

But now, lo and behold, Mr. Modi is singing the praises of Nehru and Indira Gandhi. He recently said: “Jawaharlal Nehru the first Prime Minister was Chacha Nehru to children and I would like that on November 14, his birth anniversary, children of all schools be given lessons in cleanliness and hygiene. The cleanliness campaign should continue till the birth anniversary of Indira Gandhi on November 19…Those who want to pay tribute to Chacha Nehru should sit with the children he loved so much and tell them how to lead a healthier life.”

Doubtless this newfound love for Congress icons will please critics who feared that Mr. Modi will sing the Hindutva tune. But what tune is he singing? This writer had earlier described Mr. Modi as a muscular version of Mr. Manmohan Singh. Both are creatures of the international corporate lobby. What then is Mr. Modi’s claim of being different? Is it that he is a better Congressman than Mr. Rahul Gandhi or Mrs. Sonia Gandhi? That is all right. But does that not imply a Modi-Mukt-Bharat?


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Comment Hummmm so one more chamcha of Congress comes out to save the sinking ship Mr rajendra Puri you and all your goons like Vinod Mehta, Arti Jaydruth, Herman, Akar patel, Shankar Sen Thakoor , Kumar ketkar, Barkha Dutt, rajdeep all and more are allready out lived your expiery dates. now lets see the word propagate I think all of you above mention slaves of Congress ( since up to know you all were getting those sealed covers fill with cash after every PC, you know what I am talking about lol) knows the mening of that word more than anyone cuz up to now all of you Congress goons are partner in that with congress.secong thing this is Indira Congress not Sardar and gandhi's Congress, remeber your queen Indera kicked out all real Congress man in 1970s or your slave mentality do not permit you to think about that? No no redar Mr Puri should have persnol hatered toward the MODIJI because since ModiJI came in Power those enelops stop which was paying for MR Puri and his family's expensive bad hebbits so I can see Mr Puri its okay we do understand. But how come you did not go to 10 Janpath today

Yash Patel
31-Oct-2014 15:28 PM

Comment Rajinder Puri is a confused journalist. As an Indian Modi has every right to appreciate Gandhi, Nehru, Sardar Patel, JP Narain etc. And by the way Sardar Patel is not responsible for India's partition. It was as usual a British policy and Lord Mount Batten got it done through Pt. Nehru.

Kumarendra Mallick
20-Oct-2014 12:53 PM

Comment Mr. Puri seems have some personal hatered towards Modi, so editor should see to it. Nobody should allowed to use forum for personal agenda.

It is my 7th post to pin point Mr. Puri's biased view towards BJP and Modi but alas don't dare to post.

Mr. Puri just once see INDIA before ur self and ur master.

15-Oct-2014 23:46 PM

Comment Mr.Modi is the best personality since independence of India.
He is trying to motivate the Indian masses to achieve the best one can.
He is well liked everywhere except for some who can`t see his glory and success.
He is a true nationalist and NOT a cheap politician as Mr. Puri is trying to portray.

Buddha D.Rudra
13-Oct-2014 19:25 PM

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