Satyamev Jayate: Road to Anarchy!

The episode on Roads and accidents of this week installment of ‘Satyamev Jayate’ had several great revelations!
Aamir offered a statistics of 380 people die in road accident everyday in India.

  • We, Indian believe in Destiny and God’s Benevolence! 
A teenager without driving license whose rash driving his BMW killed three family members on broad day light and he is still on bail.
  • We, Indians believe Mahatma Gandhi’s words one criminal can escape the law but one innocent should not be punished!  
The truck drivers always have least training and can get the license just with a photograph and no other proof.
  • India is a country where moral and ethical values are considered high compared to other developed countries! 
Many of the audience have driving licenses but most of them have not appeared for any test!
  • Great, ours is after all the biggest democratic country in the world! 
Transporters want maximum benefits and so they are overloading the trucks and vehicles!
  • We, Indians do not value money but the character than others! 
The roads are badly maintained and never allow free movement of traffic!
  • The governments are highly inefficient and corrupt; what can we do? 
The CC TV camera in Bangalore captured many reckless driving and accident scenarios!
  • What to do? We are a thickly populated country!  
The cars manufactured in India cannot withstand the international test for its robustness!
  • We belong to a poor country! 
We cry when people narrate pathetic stories, laugh at the violation of laws and claim we will try to obey the road rules and get educated! Public discipline is the rarest commodity in India!
  • Satyamev Jayate!


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