Understanding a Human: Satyamev Jayate

The last episode of ‘Satyamev Jayate’ was rather a hot topic in many aspects; from the point of view of individuals, parents, law and the society at large: Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgenders (LGBT).
This subject has been nowadays discussed in the media for various reasons. Some are for the sake of titillation or vicarious pleasures and some for education and sensation. But, Aamir’s program differed from everything more significantly on the importance of ‘understanding a human’.
The stories of Ghazal who had transferred himself into a pretty woman, a gay youth, a lesbian and a hijra were presented with care and concern. The focus in all these cases was on the ‘understanding’ and ‘acceptance’ of the parents first. In the first two cases how the parents have accepted the sexual orientation of their children and extended support to them to choose the life they wanted. In the third case, it is the understanding of the ‘husband’ about his wife. In India, in the name of family and culture we tried to push many things on others which slowly showing its effects. The economic dependence of everyone now leads to more divorces. It may be considered as a flip side; but everything in this world does have a flip side. The total non acceptance of the father of the hijra and her terrible journey to become a social worker was, in fact, very depressing.
The unfortunate thing in our country is that we always try to live for others and not for ourselves. That is why it was really gratifying when the persons interviewed said that we need to accept to ourselves first sounded poignant.
Our media also plays a major part in this issue in the positive and negative ways. In movies especially Hindi movies, specifically gays are used as ‘fun material’. It is very unfortunate. This question was raised to Aamir during the followed ‘Mumkin Hai’ program by one viewer.
Well, sex education itself has not been favored much in India, it might be very difficult to introduce sexual orientation may be further more difficult. Article 377 created by the British is still in India itself speaks volumes of our change of mind.
Social issues are very difficult to change in the minds of our population; for example the caste system. We always think of our family and near and dear. We hardly care for something other than that. The concept of family, its prestige, the lineage is still talked about as a matter of pride so much so there is no place for an individual’s views or preference. Minds are always conditioned; from education, to marriage to having children are decided or dictated by the parents and the society. Unless, we consider each one of us as an individual with identity of our own and be happy, proud or contended with that, our society will not change.
It is good that a sensitive matter of social relevance has been brought to public discussion by Aamir without any obscenity or vulgarity.

What we need now is ‘the understanding a human’ as he or she is; because sexual preference is not by promotion or choice but by birth. 


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