White Chicken - White Gravy,

All White - Tasty Tasty


1. Chicken 1.25 kg
2. Curd (well-beaten) 200 grams
3. Fresh lemons 5
4. Vinegar 3 teaspoons
5. White chilly power to the taste
6. Cashew 200 grams
7. Melon & Water Melon seeds 25 grams each
8. Green chilies to the taste
9. Cloves (whole) 5
10. Onion (fine chopped) 1
11. Butter 3 tablespoons
12. Cardamom 4
13. Salt to the taste
14. Egg Yolk 1
15. Nut Meg pinch
16. Grated cheese 100 grams
17. Fresh milk cream 200 ml
18. Garlic 1 (Big size)


Make a paste of cashew and seeds (melon and watermelon) separately by adding some water & grinding it. Wash and cut the chicken in pieces; insert deep cuts on the flesh. In a bowl mix half of the followings and egg yolk, onion, paste of cashew and seeds, essence of green chilies and garlic, lemon juice, vinegar, white chilly powder. Rub and mix well the above paste to the chicken, marinate it for two hours, arrange the chicken to grill, for sometime, bring it out when it is tender, apply some butter to it, grill it again.

Add some masala to it, chicken is ready to eat with onion and mint sauce.

To make curry:

Heat some butter in a pan, add rest of seed pasted cashew nut paste after some time, stir it rigorously, add curd, lemon juice, vinegar and rest of the material along with chicken. Stir it rigorously to boil for 3 minutes. Dress it with grated cheese.

Hey, your chicken is ready to eat.
Note: If melon and water melon seeds are not available, can be ignored. Fresh paneer and mushrooms can be to added while marinating the chicken. For veggies, this can be made with only Paneer or Mushrooms or using both at a time.  


More by :  Ruchi Monga

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