Vamana in Rajyakshma A Fundamental Study

Sushrutacharya has mentioned Rajyakshma as   “Durvidnyayo Durnivarya”,  meaning Difficult  to understand and more ever difficult to treat. This Rajyakshma can be definitely correlated with Pulmonary  tuberculosis . As per the History of Medicine , there has been scarcity of the definitive remedies for Tuberculosis or Rajyakshma in Allopathic and Ayurvedic Medicines . Even DOTS therapy has side effects and mycobacterium has been seen to develop the resistance against  the DOTS.  In this aspect, combined therapy of Allopathic and Ayurvedic medicine can be very useful. 

Shodhana Karma – When considering Shodhana  Karma in Rajyakshma one has to be very careful and precautious since any mistake can be life threatening .

Precautions-  1.According to Charaka, Shodhana Karma  should not do the ‘Karshana’ of the body
                     2.Patient should be enough ‘Balwana’ to withstand the Shodhana process.
Indication- From above references we can conclude that Shodhana Karma should be done in Early cases of Pulmonary Tuberculosis where there is less weight loss and also less ‘Karshana’ by the disease itself.

Vamana Karma-   In Rajyakshma even considering it as a Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Kapha Dosha  is dominantly vitiated among the three Doshas. And it’s Sthansanshraya   is at Urasthan. Considering these two facts, Vamana Karma stands as a treatment of choice in the early cases of Pulmonary Tuberculosis. This will be helpful in  preventing the irreversible damage to lungs and will also assist the effect of afterward DOTS therapy.
Key Words- Rajyakshma, Vamana Karma, Pulmonary Tuberculosis.


More by :  Dr. Sahadas Aradhye

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