Towards New World Order

During Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s visit to America he and President Obama wrote a joint editorial in the Washington Post to herald a unique relationship. That inspired this writer to express a view considered utopian by many. President Obama’s attendance of our next Republic Day as chief guest only strengthens his view.

When Mr. Obama and Mr. Modi met in Washington I wrote:

“Writing a joint editorial for the Washington Post was a unique and unprecedented gesture by President Obama and Prime Minister Modi…. In the editorial the two leaders wrote: “The true potential of our relationship is yet to be realized.” Do both leaders themselves realize the true potential ... The relations between America and India can be truly unique. They need not herald a strategic alliance, close partnership or even a model for other nations to emulate. The relationship offers the potential of becoming the catalyst to create a New World Order. The commonality between America and India needs to be appreciated. Both are large continental nations. Both are democracies. Both have multi-racial communities from all parts of the world residing in them. America acquired its multi-racial character 200-300 years ago. India acquired it over 5000 years ago. America leads the developed world. India leads the developing world. Both have flaws in their democratic functioning. Both cling to the fundamental values of democracy in theory if not practice.”

President Obama’s visit can start movement towards a New World Order. Pakistan Prime Minister Mr. Nawaz Sharif urged him to help settle the Kashmir dispute. India’s media has criticized Mr. Sharif. Media critics are being myopic. Mr. Sharif has not specified the solution. He has urged an early Kashmir solution. Are Indians opposed to it? There can be no lasting regional peace without a satisfactory closure of the Kashmir dispute. That is where President Obama and Prime Minister Modi can take the first step towards a New World Order.

There is only one possible Kashmir solution. It requires cooperation of the Pakistan army. Without eliminating terrorism no solution is possible. For that the Pakistan army must agree to joint operations with the Indian army to eliminate terrorists. If that were done a Kashmir solution could emerge. President Obama could influence Pakistan to obtain its army’s cooperation. Eventually a South Asian Union is the only lasting formula for peace and progress in the region. If India and Pakistan can create such a union it could become the template for trouble spots all over the world.

Whether in the Middle East, in Russia and Ukraine, in China, Tibet and Xingjian, or any other crisis area what are required are recognition and respect for identity of communities, as well as their urge for sharing power. In other words a federal democratic world order is mankind’s future. That is why the creation of a South Asian Union through the efforts of President Obama, Prime Minister Modi and Prime Minister Sharif could create the role model for a harmonious multi-polar world.


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Comment The problem with the west borders has been there for centuries, is there now and will be there in future. Some of Boloji contributors are taking high grounds in splitting J&K on religious grounds, and giving out K. This will not solve as the perennial problem will remain. This is character and properties of the wets side borders. .If you are suggesting above solution, you will find answer as well.

27-Nov-2014 04:53 AM

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